Promotion and the Bus Ministry

Dave Smith

I. What Is Promotion?

Promotion is the use of excitement to get people assembled for one reason, that we might give them the gospel.

II. What Promotion is Not

Promotion is not a bribe. A bribe is something given to a person to get them to do something wrong. It is doing something right to get bus kids in Sunday School that we might present Christ to them.

III. Scriptures that Support Promotion

A. Matthew 18:14 – God wants bus kids saved.

B. Mark 9:41 – God promises a reward for giving ‘a cup of cold water in his name.’ How much more reward should a bus captain receive for giving a snow cone or ice cream cone, for example?

C. Mark 9:42 – I think we can offend children by not making Sunday School an exciting experience. How many times have we all invited an adult to our church where they have replied, ‘I found it boring when I was a child.’

D. John 6:2 – Jesus used promotion to get a crowd assembled by giving out fish sandwiches. He used this opportunity to preach unto them the kingdom of God.

E. Find me one scripture that states a lost person should desire to go to church (1 Cor. 2:14). You will not find one! But many admonish us to go after lost sinners and win them to Christ.

IV. Great Men of the Past Used Promotion

A. Whitfield and Wesley – used field preaching.

B. Booth – used musicians and preached from a soapbox on the street corner.

C. D.L. Moody – gave out pennies for attending Sunday School and gave out new suits to boys that were faithful for a year.

D. Billy Sunday – broke chairs over the pulpit and slid across the platform in baseball fashion.

V. The Key to All Promotion


VI. What Will Promotion Do?

A. It will attract new bus riders.

B. It will excite riders that have quit to come back.

C. It should encourage your workers to visit more.

D. It will get more people together to give them the gospel.

E. It should result in more being saved.

F. Some may come because of the promotion; but leave with Christ as their Savior.

VII. What Types Of Promotion Can You Have?

A. Both primary and secondary promotion.

B. Primary promotion is aimed at getting your bus workers excited.

C. Secondary promotion is aimed at getting your bus riders excited.

VIII. Examples of Primary Promotion

A. Plaques designed in different ways to go along with your campaign

B. Bibles

C. Tape sets

D. Monogrammed coats and shirts, etc.

E. Evening out to dinner with the leaders

F. A nice preplanned trip with their spouse

IX. Examples of Secondary Promotion

See following pages where they are listed.

X. How to Have a Promotion

A. Plan any details if it involves an activity such as picnic, pizza party, etc.

B. Make sure you have an adequate supply of the promotional item.

C. Inform your workers of your plans.

D. Make sure your workers understand work on their part is needed with the promotion.

E. Tell your workers to get excited about it as they visit their riders.

F. Have a bus flyer as a tool to help your workers.

G. In your initial thinking, get counsel from children and see their reaction to your ideas. If they get excited, it is probably a good promotion.

H. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

I. Any promotions that are questionable should probably not be used.

J. Keep your promotions in line with the money in your budget.

K. Your pastor may want to be made aware of what you are doing.

L. Remind your workers that promotion does not take the place of prayer and hard work.

M. Don’t be afraid to use successful promotions again. Just do not over use them.

XI. How About My Bus Flyer

A. It should be concise and to the point.

B. It should use good graphics to make the promotion look attractive.

C. It should include a border for copying purposes.

D. It should include large enough quantities so no one will run out.

E. It should include a good scripture verse you can use for memorization for the riders.

F. It should include your church name, address and phone number.

XII. Questions to Ask Yourself

A. Why am I having the promotion? God always blesses right motive!

B. Have I run through my ‘check list’ and is everything set?

C. Have I forgotten to pray?

This article ‘Promotion and the Bus Ministry’ written by Dave Smith was excerpted from website.