Why Do We Have Bus Ministry Slumps

Dave Smith

I. Workers Lose Their ‘First Love’

Most people get involved in the bus ministry because they love the Lord and are interested in bringing people to know Him. In the ‘busyness’ of serving the Lord, some forget whom they are serving. This generally comes from getting away from the basics of personal Bible study, prayer and regular church attendance.

II. When Workers Quit Serving it Causes the Bus Ministry to Loose Momentum

When workers quit, they do not realize the harmful effect it causes not only on their own bus route, but also upon the ministry as a whole. Be ye faithful!

III. Some Negative Comments by Workers Can Spread Throughout the Bus Ministry Causing Discouragement

That is why criticism and negative comments need to be withheld. We are to build one another up (edify), not discourage one another.

IV. Some Workers After Serving for a Period of Time Get a ‘Know it All’ Attitude

When you become unteachable, you will tend not to go forward. Always be learning ’till the day you go home to see Jesus!

V. Many Bus Workers Serve by Emotions and Not Faith

Stable bus workers walking by faith produces growing bus ministries.

VI. Bus Workers Many Times Lose Their Vision

If you loose your vision of what God wants to accomplish and can accomplish, your ministry will fall into a slump.

The article ‘Why do we Have Bus Ministry Slumps’ written by Dave Smith was excerpted from www.childrensministry.com website.