Promotional Church Video Tapes

Promotional Church Video Tapes
David Percell


In this book, as stated about the Internet, I am not here to debate the pros and cons of Video. Rather, I want to discuss using it as a modern day brochure. I do know that many churches and religious groups have noticed a dramatic increase in attendance by utilizing the video. The promotional video is actually the business card of the future, and can be extremely effective in reaching the shut-ins, and anyone that can’t or won’t take the time to talk with you about what actually happens at your church.

A video can provide potential members with a sample of your church services, introducing them to what it is you have to offer. It is used to educate the individual, who maybe a little hesitant about coming to a church service. This is your show & tell marketing tool, your commercial, your chance to put your best foot forward.

Putting together a Video is not as difficult as you may think. The following are suggestions for putting together a good promotional video.

1. Get access to, or rent a good, high quality video recorder. Make sure any individual who will work with the recorder has a good knowledge of how it operates. A member in your church that is good at taking regular pictures with a camera is a good selection to help with the recording.

2. Start with a story board format. A story board format is nothing more then a piece of paper with what it is you are trying to say for that particular picture. Note: Every time, between pictures, you will need a new story board picture frame describing the next picture.

3. To begin with, use a strong opening, followed by a strong middle, and end with a strong closer.

4. The first story board should picture the name of your church in large readable letters. In the back ground play soft music and slowly let the name of your church fade away.

5. Following the name of your church, show a picture of the outside of your church. Continue to play soft background music.

6. The next story board should have a real “Live” service in progress, so that people viewing this video, can get a taste of what it your service is actually like.

7. Continuing with the soft music, slowly bring in a view of a real live service in progress onto the screen. For, this opening church service in progress segment, it is suggested you kept it rather mellow as this is only a promotional video, and you don’t want to overwhelm the viewer.

8. Continue to play soft music as you slowly fade into the next set of pictures.

9. As the music plays softly, display different segments of the service. These segments could include the choir singing, anointed preaching, and Bible teaching.

10. In the next story board segment, you will be introducing the Pastor. “Hello, my name is: Pastor (state name)

11. Showing a live bust shot picture of the Pastor, with your church building in the background is a perfect setting. As his picture is being shown he should make some opening remarks. During this time the music begins to slowly fade out. The remarks could include a brief history of the church. The objectives of your church for your community should also be mentioned. It is important to keep these remarks as brief as possible. The Pastor should speak enthusiastically. Let the viewer know something exciting is happening at your church!

12. The next picture should be live, of someone besides the Pastor, talking about the different ministries available to anyone who wishes to visit the church. As they talk about the different ministries, make sure to show a new story board for each area. For example, if you have a choir, then show the choir singing as you play the song. A beautiful song of hope and deliverance, etc. is recommended.

13. Continue to play soft background music as the individual speaks and the viewer sees the different shots for each area of ministries that your church offers. See below for story board ideas:

* Children’s Ministry
* Music Ministry
* Jail Ministry

Again, make sure you understand that these are all live, moving pictures of each ministry in action.

14. The next story board will be the most important ones in the entire video. They should be live, short testimonials from satisfied, established church saints. As their pictures are shown they should relate their stories and how their lives have been changed by God’s power. They could mention their lives were in a chaos before they were introduced to God. They should also include that attending a church on a regular basis, your particular church, has helped them in a tremendous way.

15. The last story board, before the final one, would be a live appeal, by the Pastor, to come and visit the church. Include an offer for a “FREE” give-away, if they attend one of your services. The statement made could be, “You will receive a free audio tape and work book on how God can change your life, and bring you real peace, joy, and happiness.”

16. The final story board. As the picture of the Pastor slowly fades out, play background music and show a picture of the outside of the church building. During this time the name of the church, address, phone number, and times of the different services are imposed over the picture of the church. If your church is difficult to find, I would also suggest that you include a map.

How long should the video actually last? I personally suggest it should not go any longer than 10 minutes for several reasons. If it is too long, potential viewers will not watch it. In addition, duplication must be considered. The average length of tape done for duplication is usually 5 minutes, 10 minutes, & 15 minutes and sold this way. You will find out there is a lot of information that can be included in a 10 minute tape. For the potential viewer it is important to have the length of the tape, i.e. 10 Minutes, printed on the video label. If this is not done individuals may not start to watch it, thinking it will go to long.

To allow the video to stand out on a shelf, and attach the attention of potential viewers, I would like to recommend a different colored sleeve. Something bright and cheerful is a good choice.

Where can you have a good quality video duplicated at an affordable price? I have personally done business with and can very highly recommend:

Miller Audio
P.O Box 2282

This article may not be written by an Apostolic author, but it contains many excellent principles and concepts that can be adapted to most churches. As the old saying goes “Eat the meat. Throw away the bones.”

This article “Promotional Church Video Tapes” was excerpted from: Promote Your Ministry by David Percell. Self published. 2003. It may be used for study & research purposes only.