by Jeff Godwin

In April of 1989, a helpless female jogger in New York’s Central Park was gang-raped and beaten to a bloody, half-dead pulp by a pack of teen-aged boys. Some of the rapists were as young as 14. A new term was coined far such madness – “Wilding.” Normally calloused New York City is still in shock over the senseless brutality of the attack.

The media accounts tell how a dozen youths dragged her into a ravine, stripped, bound and gagged her with her own clothes. While some raped her, others beat her with fists and smashed her face with rocks and a metal pipe. After about 30 minutes she was left for dead.

Eight of her attackers were arrested and readily confessed to assault and gang rape. While in a precinct holding pen, they nonchalantly whistled at the policewomen and sang a rap song.

The media hinted that the song was somehow connected to the term “Wilding,” so I called a Los Angeles Times staff writer to find out exactly what song they were singing. He confirmed that it was “Wild Thing” by Tone Loc.

This record has sold 5 million copies so far, sung by Tony Smith, who calls himself Tony Loco, or Tone Loc for short. While police and sociologists scratch their heads looking for a reason for such madness, they would have their answer if they did what the kids do – listen to the music. What a “surprise” that the fip side of Tone Loc’s “Wild Thing” is a brutal blueprint for the Central Park attacks called “Loc’ed After Dark.”

Carried on the wings of demonic messengers, it’s the music that’s moving kids to murder! Here are some of the lyrics. Match them against the news reports and you’ll see Satan’s bloody fingerprints etched deep:

“… I’ve never lost a battle
I ain’t never been beat
Go look on the shore
Tombstones on the street…
Gonna slay you down and lay you down…
I drop you on the pavement, leave you parked in the red
If you’re lookin’ for a-trouble, then it’s trouble I start…
I start moppin’ mother @#%! like a savage beast…
Cause when she starte to bite, That’s when I will ignite
I’m tellin’ you now, I’m not afraid of you
Don’t come in my face, I’ll tear your heart apart
And like I told you before
I get loc’ed after dark
Doin’ it after dark
Doin’ it at the park
Oh yeah…”

Go LOCO after dark, IN THE PARK, is the message behind this musical blueprint for murder. When the woman BITES, the attackers IGNITE, according to Tony Smith’s lyrics. That defenseless female jogger fought desperately for her life and honor, only to be smashed in the face with rocks, fists, and a pipe.

Over FIVE MILLION Americans have this song in their homes. Rap music plays a tremendous role in the macho, violent world of inner city youth, especially in the ghettoes. Yet few understand the spiritual implications behind this transplanted form of voodoo witchcraft.

Rap “music” really isn’t music at all. It is a hypnotic medium for demonic oppression and possession, posing as a popular song. Thanks to the demon spirits behind Rap, the Central Park “wilding” gang is just the tip of an emerging iceberg. Rap music reeks of Satan from beginning to end, and there is only one question left to be asked:

“Why do 5 million Americans have such an abomination in their homes?” If Rap records, tapes, or CD’s have invaded your home, you should burn them in the trash immediately. (See Acts 19:19.)