By: John Patterson Paw Paw

Article 1

You can go in any store and there will be music playing on a public address system, the same is true for any eating establishment you go to. Just about any public building plays music, malls, bookstores, etc. If you buy a new car you can bet AM FM stereo complete with eight-track tape player with quadraphonic speakers.


God wants us to worship Him in song and music for He said: “Praise Him on the psaltery and harp, with the sound of the trumpet, with the timbrel and dance, with stringed instruments and organs, on the loud cymbals and the sounding symbols.” Psalm 150.


King Saul after losing his kingdom had an evil spirit trouble him. The only way Saul got relief from this evil spirit was by David playing on the harp and the Bible says of David: “and the Lord is with him.” I Samuel 16:18. David’s harp playing gave Saul relief from the evil spirit because Saul’s soul traveled with the music.

One time when I was in sin, I was doing out-of-body projections and the music that was playing had specific areas in which the soul could travel. Have you ever caught yourself tapping your foot to music you didn’t really enjoy, but the beat ran in succession with the heart and out of instinct there you are tapping your foot?

King David in returning from the victory over Goliath heard a song that said: “Saul hath slain thousands and David, his ten thousands” (I Samuel 18:7). Saul was wroth and displeased at the saying, his soul was traveling with the words of the song.


In I Samuel 18:6, the word “singing” in the Hebrew tongue, means: to travel about, or go. In the same verse, the word “music” means the same thing as “singing.”


When I was dealing dope, it was very seldom that I would ever go to a house where music wasn’t playing. The very concept of rock-n-roll is to cause an euphoria to engulf your soul in sex, violence, drugs, etc. The very title of some groups tell it like it is. There were times in my own life where rock music controlled my soul: I would go wherever a particular song was leading me. No wonder the Apostle Paul said he kept his body under subjection. (I Corinthians 9:27). Actually, what happens when you listen to music that does not exalt God is that you are submitting your soul to that song.


When Moses met Joshua and they were coming down Mt. Sinai, Joshua said, “There is a noise of war in the camp”; but Moses corrected him saying; “It is not the shout of mastery or the cry for being overcome; but the noise of them that sing do I hear”. The word “sing” in this particular instance means; to chasten self, defile, submit self, or weaken in any wise. The children of Israel were submitting themselves to the song that worshipped the golden calf. When the man of God, Moses, got there, he had only one thing to say; “Who is on the Lord’s side?”

The word “sing” in Psalm 137:3 means; to travel or go; and the reason the Lord’s song couldn’t be sung was because the Israelites sat down, wept, and hung their harps on the willows.

God gave us a soul to take and do with as we please. Every individual can submit his soul to whatever he pleases.

When I was dealing dope, certain people were coming to me asking for credit or a deal; they would negotiate any kind of a deal, would do anything to accomplish what they had set their heart upon. Today there are radio stations that God hates. The Word of God says that anything that is not of faith, is sin. Romans 14:23.


Through my own experience, I know assuredly that rock music and the words can hypnotize a soul. There is not a list of the “top ten” in God’s church; He has a church that does not compete on the music field.

Rock-N-Roll is a type of disease in this evil day and age, and that disease will find no place to spread in the church of the living God.


When in sin, everything I did and every place I went I had to hear music of the world. If this isn’t a disease, I don’t know what is. God said He was coming after a church without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing, but that it should be holy and without blemish. (Ephesians 5:27). You cannot compare the music,” for the Bible says, “God’s music,” for the Bible says, “And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?” II Corinthians 6:15. The word “concord” in this scripture means “harmony.” Rock-N-Roll was born of its father, the devil; and we, being filled with the Holy Ghost, are born of our father, Jesus Christ, and between these two, there is no harmony.



By: Shreen Emans

Article 2

The subject of so-called, “Christian Rock,” and the church has been at the forefront many times, but once again there is a need to shed more light on the subject.

Unsuspecting listeners do not realize the spirit they invite when they play “Christian Rock” songs. Even in Pentecostal ranks rock music is composed, played and sung. They do not use the sensual and ungodly words, but the beat is used perhaps in ignorance of the spirit of rock.

What is rock music? Rock music is not the beat or tempo, otherwise “This World Is Not My Home” or “I’m So Glad Jesus Lifted Me,” would be rock and roll. Rhythmically, you can make any form of music into a rock song by one of two techniques of rhythm or beat.

1. Syncopation, which is putting the accent on the off beat.

2. Pulsation, which is a steady, heavy, throbbing sound.

Rock musicians use a steady sensual beat to draw their listeners into an unsuspecting mood of sensuality. They then use totally ungodly words to brainwash the mind.

Those who follow rock groups have a rock idol. These followers believe everything their idol says or does. Their philosophy is “If my idol does it, it is okay for me to do it too.” This is exactly the attitude of many young people today. It is amazing to hear of young children who follow such ungodly groups as KISS. There have been many children who have tried to spit fire like Gene Simmons of KISS only to wind up with burnt tonsils or worse, even death.

What do these groups do to their followers? They preach and teach by principle and action of foul, corrupt, anti-Christian, philosophy that destroys the moral fiber of those who become addicted to their sound. These rock groups prepare the youth of today for the Anti-Christ. If their favorite rock star accepts the mark of the beast, they will too.

Rock music is used by Satan to divert man’s attention from the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Actually rock music is Satan’s attempt to alleviate the misery of sin. When you are engulfed in rock music, it carries you away from everyday problems. It gives an artificial satisfaction by telling you everything will be all right but it never tells you how.

One line of a song says, “I can swear there ain’t no heaven but I pray there ain’t no hell.” Both heaven and hell are mocked as fictitious places.

Those who are in the church may listen to rock music with a desire to know what is happening in the world. But the results are tragic. Rock music breeds a spirit of rebellion against the rule of parents, pastors and government. What about “Christian Rock”, is there such a thing? The words are so closely related that when you hear “Christian Rock” you wonder if it is not rock and roll from the world. The words may be different but the sensual beat is the same. The sensual spirit stirred up, is mistaken by some for the spirit of God. But those experienced in rock know what they are feeling when they hear songs that are supposed to glorify God.

If your spirit can accept “Christian Rock” with its hard driving beat, then it will accept worldly rock. If your spirit can accept such “Christian Rock” songs as. “Andrea Couch, at Carnegie Hall”, or “The Imperials, Heed the Call,” you will be able to listen to Grand Funk or Led Zepplin. You will feel no conviction of sin in your heart.

The scripture states: “Wherefore come out form among them and be ye separate saith the Lord and touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you.” (I Corinthians 6:17) “Love not the world neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world the love of the father is not in him” (I John 2:15).

Those baptized in Jesus Name and filled with His spirit cannot listen to Satan’s beat and still claim to be sanctified children of God with a heart that is ready for the soon coming of our Lord.



By: Pam Gleason

Article 3

The Pentecostal movement is well aware of the good accomplished through the use of music. Are was also aware of the potential danger that lies within the same medium? Satan himself has musical prowess as indicated by Ezekiel 28:13 – “the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou was created.” He uses this power today as a means to deceive and destroy young people especially in the form of rock music. It would be beneficial to realize the dangers of listening to rock music or of allowing rock music in our churches.

The term “rock n’ roll” is used to label so many different types and styles of music that it is, at best, a confusing word. However, for this article rock will be defined according to three factors. First of all, to classify as a rock song, amplification is necessary. It would be impossible to make music so intense and overpowering without electronics. Rock groups often use 10 to 20 amplifiers in a concert. Secondly the following instruments instruments are necessary to form a rock band: a lead or rhythm guitar, a bass guitar and drums. Any other instrument may be added such as piano, violins or a moog synthesizer, but the basic combination is essential to create a real rock sound. Finally, rock music emphasizes rhythm. Most types of music are judged on the merits of melody (which appeals to the emotions), harmony (which appeals to the intellect) and rhythm (which appeals to the physical body) When any of these are overemphasized a song is lopsided. Many rock
songs are considered by listeners to be satisfactory on the basis of a strong beat alone. All three of these factors — amplification, instrumentation and musical arrangement — are necessary for this
definition; used separately they would not be the “rock music” this article is referring to.

Maintaining its popularity over fifteen years, rock music is not a passing fad. It’s tentacles have engulfed the world, and today it is a billion dollar industry. Communist countries ban rock stating it is morally degrading. Nevertheless, underground groups play it regardless of official restrictions. In other foreign countries such as Japan, India, and Europe, rock music is accepted. No cultural barriers exist concerning musical tastes; young people seem to want this music regardless of their background. (This is a strange phenomenon considering how different Eastern and Western musical tastes have been in the past.)

Almost anytime, anywhere in this country, rock may be heard. A survey in 1973 showed that 37% of the teens in the U.S. listen to rock music habitually, that is, four or five hours a day. Rock is often played in school cafeterias, in restaurants and in other public places. It is available on the radio in almost every private car and home. Obviously our Pentecostal young people will have to face this subject and need to know something about it.

Constantly pouring into the minds of the rock fans are lyrics often rebellious or vulgar. Subjects not so readily tolerated in a speech are accepted nonchalantly by young people when expressed with music. Love is a popular rock subject. However, the “love” mentioned is usually more apt to refer to a sensual lust. Even the prettiest pop rock tunes often have shady connotations. The use of drugs is another popular lyrical topic. Double meanings and jargon help to bypass the censorship of the adult ear. Some rock stars want revolution and sing about it in their songs. Other songs reflect a hopelessness or unconcern about tomorrow. Religious songs are sung with tongue-in-cheek by a few performers “My Sweet Lord” is not an example of Christian conversion; this song is
about an Eastern religion. “Jesus is Just All Right” means exactly that. The song is not glorifying the Lord as He is — great and greatly to be praised — but is just all right. The scripture asks, “Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?” We may also ask, “Can an unregenerate person sing sincerely about the Lord?” The above topics are used often and accepted casually. Could it be that we are culturally conditioned for loose morals, drug abuse and revolution by this mass communication system?

When compared with other types of music and reactions, the psychological effect produced from rock music is unnatural. One epileptic girl said she has to avoid rock music for fear of triggering a convulsion. Two teenage boys charged with robbing cars said rock music helped them get into the mood to steal. Drugs are often taken to the throbbing background of a rock beat. At a Rolling Stones rock fest a murder took place near the stage. It is doubtful if such a thing would happen at any other type of musical concert especially producing no witnesses. The difference between rock and other types of music seems to be that rock is played to be felt not heard. Even jazz is dissimilar to rock. Chordal structure and improvisation attracts the awareness of the listener of jazz whereas the heavy, throbbing beat of rock proves to mind deadening or hypnotic. Many a young person has said, “I listen to rock all the time and it doesn’t bother me”. When music is absorbed on the unconscious level, as rock so often is, the listener is not able to judge the effect. Perhaps it could be a gradual change of attitude, the triggering of an impulsive act, or the means of drowning out healthier thoughts with the echo of a persistent jangle. The rock stars know exactly what they are doing with music. Jimi Hendrix stated, “You can hypnotize people with music and when you get them at their weakest point you can preach into the subconscious what you want to say.” Mick Jaggar of the Rolling Stones said, “We are moving after the minds as are most of the new groups”.

Rock music also has physiological effects. The part of the brain that reacts to tension cannot distinguish between an emotional stimulus or an auditory stimulus. That is why some music can make us cry when we are not feeling particularly sad. Applied to rock music, a high note in a guitar can create tension; a low bass note can create a sensuous response. Continually intense and loud, dissonant music can cause hormones to secrete. If this happens for too long a period of time, it can even cause a chemical imbalance in the body. Teens would not be able to dance frantically for hours under normal physical circumstances without the stimulus of music. Also, decibels used in rock concerts are high enough to harm the hearing.

The use of Christian rock music would be detrimental in our churches and evangelistic efforts. It is true that a Christian rock concert will attract more hippies than a sermon on judgement and sin. But is that the fault of the medium? Perhaps some people willfully reject God’s plan for salvation. The Lord did not tell us to win souls on a carnal basis or by imitation of the world. Jesus said, “And I if I be lifted up will draw all men unto me”. Christian rock presents a false perspective of the walk with God. Trying to act groovy or saying such things as, “Try this new high”, or “When you’re a Christian you’re always happy” does not let the young person know what it is to serve the Lord. A christian walk though wonderfully rewarding is a disciplined way of life. Rock music
elicits abandonment.

What is we did try to use rock music as a means of winning people to the Lord? A truly sincere young person, tired of sin and the hopeless way of life, would want a power that could really change him. They would not want to be attracted with the same gimmicks the wold uses. A middle-aged person that associates rock music with drugs and immorality would certainly not respect a church using that type of music either. We have a responsibility to reach that age bracket also. Christian rock may attract someone looking for a new thrill but not necessarily willing to change his life style. That would be a shaky foundation to reach hearts for the Lord.

There is nothing wrong with rhythm, drums or guitars when used in the right way to glorify the Lord. However, if the only music enjoyed is that with a very strong beat, it may be good to ask why? It may also be profitable to consider the words of our church songs. Do they present a problem with no definite answer? Are the words irreverent or do they have real meaning? Do they agree with scripture? It is possible to have a variety of music in the church using good taste that will appeal to the young and the old.

When a person is honest with themselves and sincere before the Lord He can direct them in the right type of music to listen to and to use. What song do you want playing over in your heart and mind? It is up to you!


By: H. D. Fleewood

QUESTION: Would you please discuss the trend of gospel rock music in the church? Also, is this an accepted way to reach the youth of our generation?

ANSWER: Never before has the church had the fantastic opportunity to show forth its’ great power, beauty, and godliness to a pleasure crazed, money maddened, power conscious, worldly minded, sin sick, hell bound generation as it has today. We are all very much aware that we have been commissioned to go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature. We are also to be the “light of the world.” But, in reaching the world, we are not to let the world come into the church, (as far as worldly customs, manners, dress, conversion, etc.). Nothing – Nothing – Nothing has ever been gained by compromising with the world. God forbid that we would ever let go of the “OLD LANDMARKS” that have made us what we are today!

Why do we have music and singing in our services anyway? What is the purpose? Is it just a traditional habit and rut we are doing? No, absolutely not! Our music and singing is an entrance, a doorway, into the presence of god. Psalms 100:2 “…come before His presence with singing.” But, this Psalm does not end here for verse four tells us to “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise..”. Therefore, our music and singing helps us to come before His presence and set the right attitude for real heartfelt worship and praise. If it accomplishes this, we have reached our purpose in the service. But, on the other hand, if we have a lot of fast moving music that does not encourage and invoke real worship and praise, we have missed our goal and our purpose. We have been entertained instead of entertaining His Spirit; we have reached into the realms of the flesh, and not of the spirit; we have satisfied the taste of the carnal man, yet the soul is still crying out.

What is praise anyway? Psalms 22:3 tells us that God “…inhabitest the praises of Israel.” Praise means to magnify, speak good, boast, and adore. It means to tell Him specifically that we are thankful He is our King, Friend, Healer, Deliverer, Victory, Power, etc.

What is worship? John 4:23 “…True worshippers shall worship in spirit and truth…” It means to blow down oneself, sacrifice, give ones whole self to another.

Is this what “JESUS ROCK” music does? Does it help us to Worship and to Praise the one that gave His life for us? If not, then we need to find the type of music and singing that will lift us into His presence and let us leave full, strong, and changed by the power of God.

I am convinced now, as I have been in the past, that sinners do not want to come into the church and find the same beat of music as they left in the sin filled palaces of corruption they just visited.

God help us to come together with one mind and one accord to “Worship” and “Praise” you as you have commanded.

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