Requirements for Singing in Choir


TO: Choir Members
Potential Choir Members
United Pentecostal Churches

Praise the Lord!

Music is a vital and wonderful ministry. I am especially thankful for the choirs we have in our Churches.

Because the choir is a MINISTRY, there must be some requirements for those singing to keep the standard of holiness and excellence as high as possible. The below listed requirements are biblical. They are, in fact, the same for anyone who holds any position in this Church. We will expect everyone to cooperate because of the example you are to be to the rest of the Church. If you are going to sing in the Choir you should:

1. Be faithful to all services, programs and functions of your Church.

2. Support your Church with your tithes and offerings.

3. Manifest a Christian attitude and keep the unity of the faith.

4. The following pertains to ladies:

(a) Dress neatly. Wear a nice dress or blouse and skirt. No bluejeans or
other type casual clothing is allowed on platform.

(b) No jewelry worn.

(c) Hair is not to be cut, trimmed or fixed in a fashion that would make it
look like it is cut.

(d) No make-up worn.

(e) Dresses are to be modest. Sleeves at or below elbow. No low cut neck or
back lines. Length of dress below knee when sitting (in case you’re
asked to sit on platform). No tight fitting dresses.

5. The following pertains to the men:

(a) Dress neatly. Wear a suit when possible or a sport coat and dress
slacks. A neck tie MUST be worn. No bluejeans or casual attire.

(b) No jewelry worn.

(c) Hair is to be neatly cut above the collar and around the ears.

(d) Clothing is to be modest. Wear an undershirt if you are going to take
off jacket. No tight clothing.

(e) Shoes shined and wear socks.

This does not cover the holiness standard of the Church in it’s entirety, but will provide you with a set of guidelines for your ministry in this assembly. Anyone who genuinely wants to be used of God, and want to be pleasing to God, will gladly accept the standards of the Word of God and adhere to them, not only when on the platform but every hour,of every day!

Your Shepherd

Pastor (Name of church Pastor)

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