Returning to First Love

by Joanne Putnam

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I would like for you to spend a couple of minutes and take a trip down memory lane. If you would like to get out a pencil and paper and respond to a few questions it will help you to focus on a particular topic that is of the utmost importance.

I want you to think of the first time you realized that you truly loved the man you married. Think of the things that made you “fall in love” with him. What did he do that swept you off your feet? How did you feel when he asked you to marry him?

Next, if you are a mother, I want you to think of your first thoughts and emotions when they placed that tiny bundle of energy in your arms just minutes after such hard labor. What were your first thoughts?

Now I want you to think about your parents. What is one really special thing that you remember them doing for you? At what point in your life did you realize that they weren’t as “dumb” as you had always thought?

Now think of the first feelings and emotions you experienced when you gave your heart to God in sweet surrender.

In this chapter, I’d like to talk to you about “Returning to First Love.” I’ve heard several messages preached about returning to our ‘first love’ for Christ and how important that is, but just now, for a few minutes, I would like for you to focus on the other ‘first loves’ in your life.

The First Love of your Husband

To me, one of the saddest things is to hear about a couple, who after having been married seven, ten, fifteen and even twenty-five years, are getting a divorce. When you talk with them, they say things like: “I never really loved him/her.” “We never had anything in common.” “We just stayed together because of the children.”

What a sad commentary on our society. Our marriages are not prearranged as they are in some cultures. For the most part, Americans marry for “love” alone, unfortunately even when advised against it!

What happens then? I believe they loose their “first love”. Perhaps they go into the marriage with unrealistic expectations that can never be met. Perhaps they allow individual desires to draw them apart. Or perhaps they just didn’t take the time to nurture their relationship, for whatever reason.

A fire that is not fed will eventually go out! So it is with love.

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to be romantic sometimes. It’s also not ‘practical’ at times, but it is extremely important non-the-less!

Dating should never stop! It certainly gets harder as children arrive, financial crises hit and other stresses attack the marriage, but it is so important to take the time to smell the roses!



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