Sample Letters for Prospective Sanctuary Choir Members

Sample Letter to Prospective Sanctuary Choir Member

TO: Prospective Sanctuary Choir Members
FROM: Lindel M. Anderson, Minister of Music

Thank you for expressing an interest in The Pentecostal Church of Humble Sanctuary Choir. The Choir is comprised of church members who have a desire to be used as leaders in worship. We are certainly very happy when someone wishes to get involved in this vital ministry of the church.

For any organization to be successful the members must agree to some level of commitment and a standard of behavior. The Sanctuary Choir is no exception. Please read the Commitment Form and Platform Standards. Sign and return one of the Commitment Forms. Keep the other for your reference.

After approval by Pastor Brett Jones you will be asked to audition for Minister of Music, Lindel M. Anderson. You will be notified upon approval by both men.

Lindel M. Anderson Minister of Music

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