Self Esteem

Ronald E Harper







Self-Esteem by Ronald E. Harper


I was talking to a youth pastor one night after a youth meeting which was held at our church. I asked him what he thought would be the most important issue in dealing with today’s youth. His answer surprised me. However, after some consideration, I had to agree with his assessment. The root, cause, and effect of most problems with young men today is their self-esteem.

Too many times, we deal with the effects of this issue rather than dealing with the true core issue. This is about the same as weeding a garden by trimming the little flower from the top of the weed. We need to get down to the root.


Self-esteem should be taught at home first. Parents should love and encourage their children. Second, it should be reinforced in the church. Every young man is valuable to God. All are loved by their Creator.



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