Social Media Buttons – Tools For Sharing the Gospel

Social Media Buttons – Tools For Sharing the Gospel
Mike Zeller


On most web pages, just below the main article title, are some buttons for sharing the articles or posts. They enable readers of this site to quickly share the articles with their friends on Twitter and Facebook. There is also an email button so that the reader can send an email to a friend. If you click the green button, a small window will appear with additional social media and social bookmarking websites for sharing.

If you have a church or ministry website and have not added social media sharing buttons, then you may want to consider adding them.

If you Google ‘create facebook button’ you will find several sites that will help you create a Facebook Like button. Twitter’s Tweet button can be created the same way.

The green sharing button on may web sites comes from the web site.

Another site,, provides another popular sharing button that is orange with a white plus sign.

One final thought: If your church or ministry doesn’t explain the Gospel and what it means to be born again, then you may want to consider creating such a page for people visiting your website … and don’t forget to share that page with your friends.

Numerous Christians are sharing Bible verses, inspirational quotes, videos and photos to spread the Gospel. Perhaps the web could be your mission field too.

If you want to learn more about internet evangelism, then please visit Internet Evangelism Day and this blog regularly. By the way, the acronymn in this blog’s name SHOW Times means Sharing Him Online Worldwide.

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