Ten Thousand Windmills Can’t Be Wrong

Ten Thousand Windmills Can’t Be Wrong.
ByBro. Mooney

I want to talk to you a little bit tonight about the things of the spirit, and about the Holy Ghost. I want you to turn tonight to John chapter 3. We’re going to look at one of the very important verses in the Bible, and one that we so much in John 3:8. To we Pentecostals this is such a powerful and important verse.

“The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearts the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the spirit.”

And I want to talk to you a few minutes tonight on this subject; “Ten thousand windmills can’t be wrong.” Ten thousand windmills can’t be wrong. Would you turn to the person beside you and look them right in the eye and tell them; Ten thousand windmills can’t be wrong.

I do know something that we can all do tonight to get prepared to meet the Lord. And that is to receive his spirit and to allow his spirit to work in our lives. I got on the airplane the other day and a lady, as I was reading the paper I wasn’t too much attention to her, but I was listening to her talk. She was talking to the person that she was preparing to sit beside, and I picked up by the way she used her words that she was a distinguished lady. So I looked up expecting to see a very well dressed, distinguished looking lady, and what I saw was the most hainest sight. This lady was dressed in flannels. It looked like underwear, just pajama’s. And she was dressed in an old cotton shirt, and I was stunned. I wasn’t prepared for it. It didn’t match her voice. As she sat down and the very first thing she said to the lady she sat beside was, I got on my flying clothes.

And Bro. David I thought, flying clothes. Now that was interesting, I never have heard of flying clothes. And she had read somewhere that in times of a airplane crash that if you wore dacron clothes or nylon clothes that sparks might jump off from a fire, and you would ignite. And so she had heard that if you wore cotton clothes that they would be less likely to burn. And so she had on her flying cotton clothes. But she wasn’t through. She also had on a flashlight.  And she got out this huge flashlight and she said, you know that when these airplanes crash, they say the lights go out. And she had on these cotton clothes and this huge flashlight and she shined it on the floor; and she said,” stay with me honey and you’ll get outta here!”

And I couldn’t help but wonder if she really had on her flying clothes. Because I believe those of us that are here tonight have come to put on some real flying clothes! We are here to put on garments of salvation, to rob ourselves in the presence and power of God. If you truly expect to fly, if you truly expect to leave this world, at some point and at some time you’ve got to put on your flying clothes. So I pray that we’ll just let the Holy Ghost help us here tonight. And lets just get dressed up in the spirit, and get ready to meet the Lord, because I believe He’s coming very soon. And Jesus Christ came to this world merrily to get us ready for that trip. He came so that He could dress us and get us ready to leave this world. It was the love of God that brought His coming to this earth, and caused Him to die on Calvary; though that you could be ready to leave this world with Him. Jesus wants you to be ready, and so that is what the Holy Ghost is all about. When you hear people talking about the Holy Spirit and receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost, they’re not just trying to entice you to have some religious experience. They’re not just trying to get you to the place of emotional experience, that’s not to say it’s not emotional to some degree, but were really talking about preparing your heart; allowing the Spirit of God to come into your soul and get you ready for heaven.

And Jesus Christ talks so very much about the Holy Ghost and about His Spirit and having that spirit within our hearts; He accommodated us many times throughout the Bible through all kinds of symbols of course, by which we could understand the Holy Ghost. In my carnelness, and in my humanness, I sometimes have trouble Bro. Nelson just grasping the whole impact of what its like to have the Holy Ghost; or how priceless this thing is. And there are some of you in this room that have not experienced the Holy Ghost, you don’t have the Spirit of God living within your heart. Now listen close to what I’m going to tell you because the greatest, most wonderful thing that you could ever know is to know God in the fellowship of the Spirit!

And yet some how even those of us that have experienced it, those of us that can say I have received the Holy Ghost, have to say like the apostle Paul, it is an unspeakable kind of thing, a joy beyond the vocabulary of most of us; it is an experience that surpasses what we are able to put into words. But I do know this, that the Spirit of God abiding within our hearts gives us a song in the night, and gives us a purpose and direction that we did not have when we were in this world.  And I want to report something tonight, it’s not that you don’t know it, I just want to say it again, the Spirit of God is still moving; and God is still pouring out His spirit on all flesh.

But the scripture does do something to accommodate our frail minds by giving us symbols, just as Jesus spoke to us in parables and just as all the teachers of great truths have made those truths easy to understand through simplicity. The Bible takes certain symbols, for example the Holy Ghost is likened to a dove. Because there’s aspects and dimensions we understand through thinking about the dove. It’s compared to oil. It’s compared to a seal. It’s compared to a fire.  It’s compared to water. It’s compared to rain. One scripture even compares the Holy Ghost to the dew. Because there is a certain gentleness, it isn’t always thunder on our lives. At times there is a gentleness of the Spirit that’s like the dew. And so the Bible compares the Holy Ghost to the dew. The scriptures compare the Holy Ghost to the river. There is a flow to it; there is an ongoing process of growth in God through His Spirit.
As a matter of fact the Holy Ghost is compared to clothing. It’s compared to garments. It’s compared to the very atmosphere. And another one of these comparisons I just want to focus in on tonight is the comparison that Christ himself makes when He compares the Holy Ghost to the wind. Because there was a part of the Holy Ghost, an aspect of the Holy Ghost that He wanted us to understand, and that He could best explain to us by alluding to the fact that the Holy Ghost was like the wind. And we have this great verse of scripture in John chapter 3, where Jesus’ says in verse 8, “The wind bloweth, where it listeth, and so it is true of everyone that is born of the Spirit; like the wind we cannot see it. But we can hear it.”

I like what Kruden said in His concordance, “and I want to share these words with you tonight. The powerful operations of God’s Spirit; the quickening or reviving of the heart toward God are compared to the blowing of the wind”. And he uses this verse of scripture, John 3:8. And watch what he says, for as with the wind man perceives by the affects of it that there is such a thing. Obviously we have not seen the wind. We know the wind is blowing by the affects of it, we feel it and we see the things that are blowing in the air. Not to long ago I witnessed the Santa Anna winds in California that come across the ocean, hit the Santa Anna mountains, come down the mountains and as they come down the mountains they intensify. And they warm up the friction as the wind hits the mountains. warms them up and they get up to 80, 90 even 100 mph at peak. Eighty degree temperatures blowing at 80 mph, steady. With no cloud storm just pure wind.

And Jesus says the Spirit is like this you can’t see it with your eye but you know, you can feel that it’s blowing by all the affects it has. It does blow and yet the power of it cannot be restrained; neither can the reason of man by whence it rises from how far it comes, or how far it reaches. Call a meteorologist in the morning and he will tell you one of the great mysteries of his science, is the wind. The Bible says interestingly, that the wind is created by God. He formeth the mountains and createth the winds. Amos 4:13

So for Christians we solved the mystery that the scientists can’t solve. The winds come from God. It’s one of the intriguing things that men have studied for centuries and still have no real answers as to how it all comes and to how it all intensifies. It seams that God has some kind of mysterious control of the wind. So man does not know where it comes from or how far it reaches.

So is the spiritual change wrought in the soul, freely wherein whom when and in what measure of the spirit pleases and all so powerfully that to make an evident and sensible change though the manner thereof is incomprehensible. In other words Dr. Kruden says, it happens, but we don’t know exactly how it happens. We can’t explain it but we know that the drunkard can come in hooked on alcohol, and leave born again. And we don’t know how it happens. We can’t put it into words. We can’t scientifically analyze it for you, but we know that the drug addict can come in and get a new heart and leave with a knew spirit. And can testify to his family, I have been born again.

The Holy Ghost is like that. It just blows, I can’t control it, I don’t have any power on it, and there’s a lot of things I can’t explain about it, but I do know that when it touches the heart of men, it makes a different in their lives. Now I just want to say this to you. The wind is blowing. There is a tremendous moving of the spirit in our day. Unfortunately, and I say this sincerely, and I’m not trying to be hurtful. I’m not picking at anybody, but I believe this.  There are people in our day who have no good real idea of the nature of the Holy Ghost nor do they understand how the spirit is moving in our world, or to the intensity inwhich it is moving in our day. They just are blinded. Some people that have had the Holy Ghost, had the spirit working in their lives are yet out of touch with what the spirit is saying to the church. They’re just out of touch.

We sit here tonight in Indianapolis, and we hear missionary reports. We listen to these rather patiently, and we think well that’s great. Then somebody tells us, I just got back from the Philippines.  And we hear these reports. Is he hyped up when he got back from field?  People say, I just got back from the Philippines. Then they tell you some incredible story that you just kind of listen to and you think, well that’s really something.

We were in Suboo preaching a revival and the pastor got up and looked at the audience as says, There are not enough sinners here tonight. Thirty young men respond to the simple statement by the pastor. All he said was, There are not enough sinners here tonight. I don’t know if they had to have a certain number of sinners before they could have church. In some churches maybe that would be no problem.  Nevertheless, he said there’s not enough sinners here tonight. About thirty young men jumped up, went out of the church while choir leader was singing another song. Thirty men went out during the service to find some sinners. We waited for them. The pastor said, let’s pray, the workers are going out to get some sinners. We’ve already been in church for an hour. They went on the streets of Suboo. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know how they did it, but I do know that when they walked back in there wasn’t just twenty-five or thirty young men.  Now there was about sixty-five or seventy young people. They Phillipeano revival is a revival of young people, and it’s a young country. These sinners were seated, and the spirit of the Lord began to move. Before that service was over, thirty-seven people had been baptized in Jesus name, and filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost.

The wind is blowing. The spirit is moving. Now we hear something like that and we say, well that’s just the Philippines, but I’d just like to say this. I don’t know if I understand it, I don’t know if I could scientifically explain it. Something inside of me that says that if it can happen in Suboo, it can happen in Indianapolis, or Michigan or wherever because God is moving by his spirit. Let it happen. Let the spirit have it’s way. You can’t contain this thing.  You can’t bottle this thing. You don’t have any control of it.

Jesus said, The Holy Ghost is like the wind, it blows where it willeth. You don’t have to understand the wind. It’s going to blow whether you understand it or not. You don’t call up the meteorologist and say; look, where’s this wind coming from? He says; Well, It’s coming from the west. No, I don’t want to know that. Where does it originate? And you can say if you can’t tell me where it originates, then turn it off. He’s going to say to you, look fellow I don’t know which side of the bed you got up on, or what hospital you’ve just been released from, but it doesn’t matter how you feel about it because this wind is going to blow anyway. And it doesn’t matter whether you understand it. That’s the way the Holy Ghost is. I know it sounds simple, but that’s what Christ was trying to get across to us. You just have to understand this, it blows where it wills! It is God’s power. God’s spirit, God’s church. It’s God’s purpose, and all we need to do is say; Lord let it blow on me.

I don’t understand, but I do know that the Holy Ghost is moving.  Bro. Krumpacker tried to prepare me for what we saw in Malowee. He tried to prepare me. We were driving probably twenty miles on a two track dirt road in his four wheel Sheaves for Christ vehicle. He said, Bro. Mooney we are going back to a little village. When we get there, there will be many people there. And we were not prepared for what we saw. When we drove back it took several hours to get back in this little remote village in Malowee, Africa. 500 people had been waiting for 36 hours for the Americans to come. People with backaches just like yours, and pains like yours, and children like yours, and hungers like yours, waiting. And why would they wait? Tell me I said Bro. Chicopol, why would they wait? I said it’s not just to hear preaching is it? He said, No. He said, they anticipate a spirit is going to move. So they would come and wait 36 hours just because somebody told them that maybe the spirit would move.

And it did move and people received the Holy Ghost. That somehow, God help us get it through these craniums, the spirit is moving the wind is blowing. God is doing a tremendous work in this world, and I believe with all of my heart that God is waiting for Apostolics in America to fall on their face somewhere, to get alone somewhere and pray God let your spirit fall on me. I’m hungry I want the Holy Ghost! Now people that are tired of media type of religion, they are tired of all the shenanigans; they’re tired of all the emptiness and pretense. I tell you this city is filled with people, with state is filled with people; Michigan is filled with people. This world is filled with people that if they could just find somebody that really knows god, and somebody that’s not afraid to let the Spirit move in their lives, there is no telling what the Lord will do!.

It’s like the wind its blowing you see. Know I ask you to say to one another when I first began here, that 10,000 windmills can’t be wrong. And I want to tell you about something I saw, that truly affected me. Because I came down out of the mountains someplace in Southern California. I don’t know where I was at close to Palm Springs. And I saw a valley of windmills. A whole valley filled with windmills; not the Dutch type windmills we have in Holland, like we have in Michigan; but these were just on slender poles and then at the top was like an airplane propeller. And I’m not talking 10 or 15, I’m talking 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of windmills in this valley as far as you can see. I took a photograph of it. I was like a tourist on the side of a road with a camera. There was people honking for me to get out of the way. And I said, “Sister Mooney have you ever seen anything like this?!” Windmills everywhere!
I was so impressed! And the Lord began to speak to me. I understood something. I know this may sound so elementary to some of you but I understood something about the Holy Ghost that I had not quite understood, at least to the degree that it hit me. I asked myself why did this man build a windmill in this valley? Because he had the assurance that the wind was going to blow. And he didn’t just build one, he built another. You see this business man thought if the wind can blow one windmill, then just maybe it can blow two windmills. And the guy did not know when to stop. He built one, two, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, and I don’t know, he must have had a nightmare about it. He got to thinking this is pretty good. Because everyone that he built, obviously, worked! And so he just said I put’em up, and they go around. And he built 1, 2, 10,000 of them.

And he learned a lesson I want us to try to get tonight. He learned that there is absolutely no limit to the number of windmills that you can put in the place that the wind is blowing because one windmill does not prevent another windmill from turning. Come on Calvary Tabernacle! And I want to say something else to you, it’s better to have a thousand windmills than it is to just have two windmills. Because if two windmills can do something for God just think what a thousand windmills can do, if we would bind our hearts together!

What a business man! I was so impressed, when I got back home I called out there, and said I got to talk to somebody. I started out calling the Chamber of Commerce. Said I was out there recently and saw allot of windmills, somebody tell me. The first person I talked to didn’t know anything about the windmills. It was like they didn’t even know the windmills were there. I said you know the windmills out the other side. Windmills, windmills, let me see. That’s like some people. They not only don’t know the Spirit’s blowing, they don’t even know windmills are turning. I want to tell you tonight that you can sit here and never turn one tap. You can sit here tonight and never feel one thing. But don’t you worry about it the wind is blowing, and somebody somewhere is going to receive what the Lord has for them. You can’t stop the revival in the Philippines. And you can’t stop the revival in Africa, and South America. So what we must do is say Lord if you’re going to blow then blow on me.

Clap your hands a little bit unto the Lord! The wind is inexhaustible! You can’t where it out the wind doesn’t get tired it just blows and blows. The Holy Ghost is like that, it’s inexhaustible, it just blows and blows and blows. And there’s no end to it. So I called and this one guy he didn’t know. So he told me call the power company. I called the power company, and one lady she said I know there’s allot of windmills out there but I don’t know how many.  There’s a man by the name of Hitchcock. You call Hitchcock. I called Hitchcock, he was gone home. It was one o’clock in the afternoon all power company people go home one o’clock in the afternoon. Somebody told me that, I don’t know if that is true or not. I thought well I’m never going to find out.

Would you believe that Monday, I get a call from Hitchcock. He said I’m Mr. Hitchcock. And I didn’t know who he was, I had forgotten.  He said from Palm Springs, I said oh ya the man with windmills. I said now tell me sir, I got to know how many windmills are in that valley.  That’s the most incredible thing I have ever seen. He said I don’t rightly know for sure. He said but there are about 8000 windmills. And I said is that all and he said yes and there on the other side of the mountain I don’t know if you drove over there or not, but there’s about another 2, 3 maybe 4, I don’t know he said, but all together there is about 10,000 windmills.

And I here to tell you tonight something that the Lord spoke to my heart. Just for me, you see Mooney, 10,000 windmills can’t be wrong. 10,000 witnesses are in that valley blowing their hearts out because the wind blows and blows and blows and there is absolutely know limit. So you mean. Yes. Yes, that’s what I mean God said, you can put all the windmills you want in that valley. You can be just like that business man. You can just build a windmill on Monday, and build one on Tuesday, and with all the energy and resources you have and just keep on building them. And if you keep on putting them there, I’ll keep on blowing them. Now I’m starting to see something here, I’m starting to say Lord that is unbelievable! Give me the same kind of heart that this business man.

Help us to see this church, I want God to put this in our hearts. There is no limit you see to what you can receive of God. And the fact, now once this happens, don’t tell me this doesn’t happen.  Sometimes people get the idea that if somebody else gets it it keeps me from getting it. It happens sometimes and we think well you know there’s only so many. But there’s no limit. Somebody else receiving a
blessing does not keep you from getting a blessing. Because some guy is prospering don’t say well he’s getting it all. He’s not getting all the money. There’s more. I mean you don’t come in here and see somebody with a pair of shoes, and say well I guess they got all, no, no they don’t have all the shoes. There’s shoes for everybody.  There’s blessings for everybody. And because somebody gets a blessing doesn’t mean that the next person can not receive the blessing. But I know the Spirit gets on us and we think how the wind is limited to only a certain amount of people can get involved with this. It’s got to be a certain class or a certain one but that isn’t true. You can be rich, poor; black or white; whosoever you are, whosoever will let him come and partake of the waters of life freely. There is no limit!

It’s all you want. Build all you want. Get all you want the wind is blowing! If you see someone out in his valley building a windmill don’t get mad at him. Don’t say, ” I wish he wouldn’t put anymore windmills up. He’s already got five windmills out there. How many windmills does he need?” All he wants.. It’s like somebody having children. Don’t say to somebody that’s got three, that wants four they don’t need them. Let them have all they want. It doesn’t keep you from enjoying your children. Have all you want. There has to be an attitude here.

I wish something would happen to all of us United Pentecostal people. I wish we could see that it doesn’t matter how many churches we have, or how many preachers we have, or how many people are involved in this thing. The more the merrier, come on! Build your windmill, the wind is blowing. Get involved in this; commit yourself to this.  There is no limit. There is no limit to what God can do!! Build all you want! Not only that but if you got a 1000 windmills don’t feel bad about it. Don’t let anybody put you on a guilt trip if you got a 1000 windmills. Or if the Lord is blessing in your life. Because this wind is so wonderful and so inexhaustible that no one need be left out. The wind is just blowing.

Now I did notice something else about these windmills that was intriguing. I got a little closer and I noticed they all had revolving heads. Now I’m not trying to be fececious. But I want you to think about that. They all had the ability to turn, a little bit. They had ropes on them, and connectors; they were power operated. And somebody somewhere probably with a computer could hook in signals and turn those heads just a little. Because you see somebody that built those windmills, also knew that the wind doesn’t always blow exactly the same way. I found that to be true. You can sing Amazing Grace one Sunday night and everybody in the church gets a blessing. And somebody says Amazing Grace that’s it. And then the next Sunday night you come back and sing Amazing Grace, nothing. It’s like people never heard the song before. It just dies.

You can approach God a certain way but the winds not blowing that way today, but when you turned just a little bit. You see the wind is like the Spirit it blows where it willith. You cannot dictate to it.  That’s why you have to be flexible enough and movable enough, to turn in the direction that the wind is blowing. Now maybe part of the problem with us Apostolics here in America, we just don’t have are cables oiled well enough, and I don’t think our necks are oiled too well either. And the Bible does talk about the stiff neck. Those people that have the inability to turn toward the wind. They just can’t seem to feel. Wasn’t the Apostle Paul that talked about feeling.  Which way is the wind blowing?

Do you think for one minute that Jesus Christ is going to leave His church without the moving of His Spirit in these last days? Do you think people that are hungering and thirsting after righteousness are going to be turned away by Jesus Christ? Do you think that somehow when we need Him so desperately, at a time that is so critical in our movement that the Lord is just going to withdraw Himself, and say I’m not going to talk to you anymore. I don’t believe that. I believe His wind, His Spirit, His anointing, His direction, His counsel is going to be as real and as strong as it has ever been. What we have to learn to do is humble ourselves and say God I’ve got to feel that special touch in my life! I can’t go another day without feeling that. Without knowing that.

See what happens sometimes is you sit there and your blades aren’t turning. Now I’m not trying to be cute. I’m trying to tell you something that is very important. Sometimes you look and your blades aren’t turning and you look over at the next guy, and he looks like a jet plane about ready to take off. Bro. Johnson you think that guys got a loose marble somewhere. Now wait just maybe he’s turned toward the wind just right. And there you are back there and your neck won’t turn at all. Just kind of froze up. It happens to preachers. I’ve gone to church sometimes and I’ve seen people, I look in my congregation and see people receiving; and I look back over here and see people weeping in the spirit; and people receiving things and people getting a touch. I look over there and there’s so and so, I knew they needed a touch. They got their hands up and they’re just worshipping the Lord. And I’m up on that pulpit, and I’m thinking these people are getting something I’m not getting.

Now look, I don’t know if this ever happened or not, but let’s just suppose, for the sake of our lesson here to night, that the business man that built those 10,000 windmills. Let’s just say he went out there one day, in the valley of 8,000 windmills and he’s got 7,999 windmills just going like thunder. But there’s one windmill with a black coat and a nice tie, that’s just not moving at all. So what do you think that business man would do? Would you think that he in some absurd, idiotic thing would go and face the wind and say what’s wrong with you! I got a windmill out here…He would not in the wildest imagination would he curse the wind. There is nothing wrong with the Holy Ghost. It doesn’t matter who abuses it. It doesn’t matter who commits adultery. It doesn’t matter who commits fornication. It doesn’t matter who lies. It doesn’t matter who refuses to feel God, or who refuses to pray, or who doesn’t want revival, there is absolutely not one thing in this world wrong with the Holy Ghost. The Spirit is still able to change lives. The Spirit is still able to redeem! The Spirit is still able to make a new creature! There’s nothing wrong with the Holy Ghost!!

The power of God is able to do the impossible! What are problem is we need to get our hearts right! And our minds right. And our souls right. Because the wind is blowing! And when in blows through Indianapolis you better have your windmill ready. And when it blows through Calvary Tabernacle you better have your heart ready to receive the things of the Lord. Not in his wildest dreams, would he curse the wind. Now listen to me. I’m just wanting to say this. I don’t have to say this, but I want to say this. You can sit back there frozen, locked, rusting, and your blade hasn’t moved in so long; and you can criticize that Holy Spirit. And you can say well there’s nothing to that. And while all of us so called sophisticated Pentecostal people, and all of us folks that refuse to obey the Lord. And that happens to me sometimes, I see other people getting touched, and here I am the pastor, and I know I’m locked up someway. There’s nothing wrong with the Holy Ghost. It’s me. And you can just say that. And this is happening to us. It’s happening to us. But while we’re talking like that, that wind just keeps blowing right through that valley. And the Phillipinos keep dancing in the Spirit. And the Africans are still receiving the Holy Ghost speaking in other tongues as the Spirit of God gives the utterance. And people all across this nation are still coming to the water to repent of their sins, and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.

Because you see not in his wildest dreams would he curse the wind. But you know what he would do? Looking in that valley of 8,000 windmills, he’s got that one windmill that will not work. What would he do? You know of course, he would go to that one windmill. You feel this coming don’t you? Would you mind just putting your propellers out there? (using someone in audience) What would he do? He would check that windmill out. Is there something wrong with the cables? We’ve been sending signals to this windmill through the computer but it’s not turning. Isn’t that what he would do? Of course! He would not curse the wind.

What I want everyone in this room to do, is to check out that heart and that head, the mind and the soul. Because you see there’s a tremendous anointing beginning to build up in this world. It’s no accident that…and I don’t want to say this smart alley… because we all experienced a lot of painful things lately with all the scandals taking place in the religious world. But I think it’s a wonderful thing that Apostolics for the most part have been spared from some of this. If you look back, and some of you historians can look back and you can see how the Holy Spirit has just guided us, and kept us.  Because, and I believe in these last days, the Spirit is going to move.  Already there is a tremendous blowing of the Spirit. God, just let me be ready to turn. Let me be ready to receive. That’s the nature of this thing. God, I want to be ready to receive. I want to open up to it. I want to have it.

Somebody says; some things are just for some people. No, wait a minute. The Holy Ghost satisfies everybody. He talked about the manna, it satisfied everybody. The Lord tells us repeatedly in the scriptures that if we come to him we will be satisfied with his fatness. This is not good for some. It’s good for everybody. It does not just meet the needs of a select few. It meets the needs of everybody. The major question I think facing the church today, and Jesus focused our attention on it. He said, now if you know anything about the Holy Ghost, you know it’s like the wind, and don’t you ever forget it. It blows where it wants to blow. So if that’s true then, I’m not going to worry too much about the wind. But, you see I’ve got this valley, and I know the wind is blowing through it. I got this heart, and I got this life, and I want the Holy Ghost to move through it. And when the Holy Ghost moves my life, through my mind and through my heart, I want to have something in that valley to generate power, and life and love and joy. I want to give off something.

One last little thing to think about Mr. Hitchcock and his windmills. Why did he put windmills in that valley? He was not crazy.  He knew that windmills, eventhough you couldn’t control the wind, they could never the less receive it. And he also knew that windmills like no other thing he could build; he didn’t build houses in the valley, or idols in the valley. Because he knew that the houses and idols, and other material things wouldn’t produce, but he built windmills because he knew that the wind would turn them. So maybe the real question is, what are you going to build in your life? What are we going to build in our city, in our hearts, in our minds? Idols? Or windmills?

I got a little witness for you, 10,000 windmills can’t be wrong.  If the wind will blow one, it will blow 10,000. And if one windmill can generate so many kilowatts of power, than I tell you 10,000 can generate that many more. And so let revival happen! Let it happen!  Let it come! Don’t turn it off! Don’t hold it back! It’s for anybody and everybody! It’s for the young and it’s for the old. We don’t have enough preachers; we don’t have enough churches; we don’t have enough choirs; we don’t have enough people committed to this thing. Come on, the wind is blowing! Let it happen in your life. You can’t limit this thing it’s unlimited! You can get the Holy Ghost tonight. How many can get the Holy Ghost? Just as many as want to receive it. How many can get something changed in their lives; just as many as want the change. The wind is blowing!!

The Above Material Is Copyrighted And Can Be Used For Study And Research Purposes Only. Transcribed From Cassette Tape. 10-11-96