The Christian Outlook: The Passing of Mother McCarty

The Christian Outlook
Mother McCarty Passes On To Her Rest And Reward In The Glory

The Passing of Mother McCarty

Dear ones in Christ:

May the God of all comfort grant peace and grace to your hearts. I have sad news to convey to you. The handmaid of the Lord, our beloved Mother McCarty, who was the founder of this work and our leader for 36 years, went to be with her Lord on Friday, July 18th, at 9:15 P.M., at the age of 83 years and 6 months, leaving us to mourn our loss. She was not feeling well since early June when she had a mild paralytic stroke on her left side. But she came out of that and seemed to be on the mend. Then one night she fell one step while trying to get out of bed while dreaming. Though she received no serious injuries, the shock confined her to bed. On July 6th early in the morning, she had a third stoke which rendered her unconscious and unable to speak or move about. After this she remained in a semi-conscious state for 13 days.

The funeral services were conducted on July 19th at 4:00 P.M., by Pastor S. Morar, assisted by Elder B.L. Parmar, before a large gathering of people. Hundreds of Hindus and Mohammedans from the village and neighborhood, ministers from the outstations, old boys of the Mission, were present to pay their respect. Fitting tributes were paid to her wonderful life of service and sacrifice by Sister Schryer on behalf of the saints in America. Bro. B.L. Parmar on behalf of the Bhatpar Mission, Mr. Dharmindralal (a Hindu) on behalf of the citizens of Bhagalpur, Elder Samuel Morar spoke for the Ministers and her co-workers and Bro. James Morar on behalf of the many boys and girls she brought to the knowledge of the Lord.

Her earthly remains were borne by the mourning crowd in a beautifully decorated coffin and interred in the Mission cemetery at Bhagalpur. The Obituary was read both in Hindu and English. A solo “The Last Mile of the Way” was sung by Bro. James Morar. It was touching to see the many little children – boys and girls to whom she was more than a mother, weeping pathetically. It reminded on, of the scene the apostle Peter must have witnessed when he entered the home of Dorcas. Pastor S. Morar in his sermon took as his text Psalm 17 and 1 Corinthians 15:53-58.

Another brave soldier of the Cross has gone to her reward after 38 years in India. Sometime before going she said to Gulabi, one of the girls whom she raised from childhood and who has been her constant companion in her last days, “If I get sick again do not pray for my healing, my soul is ready, I want to go.” Sometimes she remarked, “I am so home sick for heaven. My Jesus, I am waiting, but O Lord, how long.” The last words we heard her speak were, “Blessed Jesus.” She has gone and we have been left the poorer for her going. But we must carry on the noble work gathering His lost sheep for which she labored, suffered, and sacrificed in this land of her adoption. She always used to say, “The Lord will not fail me and I know that my friends in America will stand by the work even when I am gone.” While we realize how weak we are in carrying on this work we feel the assurance that He is with us, and we would request you not to forget us, and remember us, especially, in your prayers. Any remittances should now be made out to Bharosa Ghar Missions, instead of in her name.

Mother McCarty was very far-sighted and she has organized the work so that it can continue as she would have wished it to. We are thankful to the Lord that He sent Aunty Schryer just in time. She will be carrying a heavy burden in a foreign land. She will specially need your prayers. The school work has grown immensely. The evangelistic work and pastoral work has also grown. We are praying to the lord of the harvest to send more laborers.

Greet all those that love us in the faith.

We remain, your fellow-pilgrims and His unprofitable servants,
Dated July 20, 1947

Samuel Morar
James Morar
R. Schryer