The Climate for Revival (Newsletter 5-4)

by Rev. Ronald L. Brown

Alpine plants survive and flourish at high altitudes. For a few brief weeks the Arctic regions of the far North flourish with hardy plants that grow only a few inches tall. After a rare rain in the deserts of the world, the desert floor will be carpeted with plants that briefly live on the scarce moisture that the arid, thirsty desert has just received. The tropical regions of the world, with its year-long warm temperatures and abundant rainfalls will produce more plant life than anywhere else on the plant. The rain forests also become home to many species of insects, some that have not even been identified. Why are there polar bears at the North Pole, and apes and monkeys in the jungles? Why are there no native cactus in Tennessee? It is because cacti thrive best in the climate and environment for which they were created.

You can definitely tell the difference in the atmosphere and decor between a McDonald’s restaurant and an Olive Garden restaurant. One is vibrant with bright, shiny colors that prompt you to get in and out, while the other encourages you, with decor and service, to enjoy a beautiful, pleasant dinner. Each performs its specific purpose due to the atmosphere, or “climate” that have purposely defined each restaurant.

Can you remember your first Pentecostal service? No doubt it was unlike anything else you had ever been in before. The powerful and exuberant singing, along with anointed and dynamic preaching, reached out and touched your heart. You watched as people clapped, wept, shouted, and prayed in a manner that you had never seen before. Perhaps you witnessed the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit as the Holy Ghost flowed among, the congregation. You had stepped into another “climate”! The atmosphere was definitely different! What you experienced was the normal setting of a Holy Ghost filled New Testament church! This is our climate; our natural environment.

Let me say this: there is nothing more powerful and moving than an anointed apostolic service! The early church was birthed in the demonstration of the Spirit and defined by the phenomena of speaking in tongues. It was truly a manifestation of fire! This is our natural environment in which we will thrive. Out basis is not formal liturgy, but the deep, flowing presence of the Holy Ghost. It is exactly the same today as it was in the beginning. The enemy wants to water it down until we become less than what we were, but we must be what we are to be, and this comes as God’s people create the climate for revival!

John the Baptist stepped on the scene after 400 years of silence from a prophet of God. At that time Israel was a spiritual desert that was far from God, but John the Baptist was to change the climate of Israel with preaching that would bring a spiritual awakening for the ministry of jesus. “The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord” (Luke 3:4). I believe that in 2008 we can create the climate for revival in our church.

Prayer is vital to climate change. Churches need a full prayer room, scheduled prayer, and literally a spirit of prayer to saturate the sanctuary. Remember, the Holy Ghost was outpoured in the Upper Room during a prayer meeting!

A revival church will help to create the climate for the birth of new souls with fasting, worship, true faith to believe God for anything, love for sinners and backsliders, anointed and Spirit filled preaching, sacrifice for the kingdom, and humility and brokenness before God. This will produce the climate for a growing, focused church for righteousness before God, and souls to be won for the kingdom.

Remember, if everyone in the church was just like me, what kind of church would this church be?

Pentecostal Voice a/Tennessee 3
December 2007