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The Fence of Modesty


by Lori Wagner

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We don’t hear much about modesty in the world today. Currently acceptable styles of dress passed the threshold of decency long ago. However, the Word of God hasn’t changed on the issue. God still values modesty. He established it as a fence of protection around us.


After Adam and Eve sinned, their eyes were opened to their nakedness. Once they realized this, Scripture tells us they made themselves “aprons” out of leaves. Get a picture in your mind of an apron. There are short ones that tie at the waist and those that have bibs covering the chest area as well. How much of the body does an apron cover, and how much does it leave exposed?


Now back to the Garden. Even with their new clothes on, Adam and Eve knew they weren’t properly covered and hid themselves from God. God must have found their garments insufficient as well, because He created tunics (or robes) for them from the skins of the sacrifice offered for their sin. The clothes God made covered more than just their “private parts.”


There are obviously a lot of different styles, but if the clothes we choose are more apron-like than robe- or tunic-like in the way they cover our bodies, perhaps we should reevaluate our wardrobes. What’s the motive behind what we’re wearing? Is our goal to please God or to feed our own base desires, like the lust of the flesh and the pride of life? Is the principle of modesty in our hearts?


When we come in contact with others, we communicate with them through many methods. We know about communicating with our eyes, ears and mouths, but we also send and receive messages with other body parts, whether they are openly exposed or not. You’ve probably heard the term “body language,” but have you considered your “dressing language?” Are you classy … flashy … or trashy?


Whatever clothing you select, the focal point of your appearance should be your face. Isn’t it your face you want people looking at … not your sexuality on display?


I’m not advocating that Christians should wear sloppy, ill-fitting clothes. Modesty doesn’t mean wearing a burlap bag. It’s okay to be fashionable and well dressed, and it’s quite possible for young women to be both modest and lovely to look at.


We are God’s ambassadors to the world and should conduct ourselves with dignity. Keep in mind that fleeting runway trends, and even the weather, should not dictate more than the Word of God the styles and manner of dress we choose to put on our bodies. After all, we are the temple of the living God!


Before you go out the door, look in the mirror and ask yourself if God would go out in public wearing what you are wearing … because if you are a Christian, He is … in you!


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