The Glory Story Quilt

Jesus may not be the talk of the town in Neosho, Missouri, but he is definitely the center of attention at Sis. Cheryl Koren’s alteration shop. When she started the Block of the Month Club for quilters, the Lord gave her a unique idea for Bible studies. Although quilt blocks have been used to convey memories or beautifully stitched pictures, the Glory Story quilt conveys so much more. The Glory Story quilt is an inroad for Cheryl to share the glorious gospel of the Lord. It has given her a strong platform for teaching the women about God, and that teaching has proved to be quite effective.

Most Block of the Month clubs mail packets to quilters, but there are no personal connections in that process. Cheryl has found that quilting is an excellent time to connect with those who love to quilt, and amazing friendships are formed from the closeness of those quilting. The Lord inspired her to use the Glory Story quilt for such an opportune time. Once a month quilters are invited to her shop to make a special quilt block on the Glory Story quilt. Each block’s design is the foundation for a short but very powerful Bible study. The twelve quilt blocks are actually given names of each individual study of the word. The first block, known as Down from His Glory, proclaims the prophecies of Jesus Christ. The second quilt block, The Announcement, describes his birth, and God With Us explains his oneness. The blocks continue with No Sweeter Rose revealing him as the Rose of Sharon, and Sweet Harmony details the message he taught. The Crown of Thorns is about his crucifixion, while About Face is about the turning of one’s direction at the cross. The quilt block, Cleansing Waters, explains baptism, and the one called, Go Fish, explains the resurrection. Blocks eleven and twelve are called Cross & Crown and Ultimate Glory.

Cheryl noted that quilting opens of common ground for friendships, enabling her to have the opportunity to invite the quilters to church. One quilter has already been baptized, signifying the success of this unique approach to Bible studies. Those who purchased Cheryl’s packets at General Conference have already begun to use this idea in various states. Since statistics show there is one quilter in every thirteen households in America, this idea is really gaining popularity. The packets include templates for twelve blocks, a picture of the Glory Quilt, and Bible lessons and tips.

Those interested in this ministry of teaching the word of God to quilting groups may purchase the packets from Sis. Koren by emailing her at The cost of the leader’s packet is $19.95 plus shipping, and a discount is given when the leader orders for her students. Those wishing to contact Cheryl by phone may call her at 417-592-3709.