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Hard Knocks and Life Lessons Volume 1 | Dustin Abbott | 22835

Product Description
Want to go deeper? In Hard Knocks and Life Lessons, Abbott digs deeply into the treasure trove of the Bible and brings seven pivotal figures to vivid life. From Adam to Joshua, you can understand these men as never before. This book examines their lives, their successes, and their failures, and makes it clear how we can learn from it all. You will finish this book with a fresh understanding (and appreciation) for the lives and challenges of the patriarchs.

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Revelation Unveiled | Dustin Abbott | 21750
If you are stymied by the mysteries found in the book of Revelation, then this book is for you. Abbott systematically paints a cohesive picture of the events and symbols of Revelation by offering a verse-by-verse study. You will finish this book with a deeper understanding of the treasures into this unique ‘Revelation of Jesus Christ.’
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