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Brand: Wilson, Nathaniel 

ISBN: 978-0-9823912-0-4

160 pages.

Back Cover:

“Reading the Bible is an important and exciting adventure. The reader is entranced in becoming acquainted with its stories and its basic teaching. However, in reading (and re-reading) book after book, patterns begin to emerge. Certain events and people are given special emphasis. Some things are repeated and carried through from one story to the next. After a while, instead of looking at each “piece” separately, one becomes aware that there is an underlying movement shadowing each story and event which then moves toward a predetermined end. The reader finally realizes that the many stories are really one story–with each story adding its part to the whole as it moves toward a mighty, climactic conclusion. This book is about recognizing how these events and pieces fit together to form a divine, mosaic prism through which the light of revelation falls upon human understanding. Grasping the epochal shifts discussed in this book is absolutely a prerequisite to understanding the great underlying message of the Bible.”



The Defining Moment Ultimate Leadership Volume 1

Author: Nathaniel J. Wilson

This is the book which goes beyond theory and principles. This book plunges deeply into the arena of the universal, the unseen, the spiritual. This is where highest level leadership begins. If you have the courage, Ultimate Leadership is for you. This book is based on the conviction that leadership greatness is born out an acquaintance with, and individual engagement with life’s most primal and powerful forces. Ultimate leadership does not begin with do’s and don’ts, but rather with the invisible and the spiritual.