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Breakdown of Prayer | Sammy Bozeman | 19859
“Prayer: God loves it. Satan hates it. Man needs it,” quips the author.
Bozeman then breaks down easy ways to pray, effective keys to prayer, three
keys to building faith in God, promises in prayer, and accessible reasons to do
it for the kingdom! (After all, it’s not for the select few but for everyone.)
Regular Price: $8.00 [PAPERBACK]
Q’s for the Life And Soul | Sammy Bozeman | 19358
Inspiring thoughts and quotes covering 22 plus categories and topics. Need a
quick starter for that sermon or article? This will get you started. Also great
as a gift for anyone.
Regular Price: $8.00 [PAPERBACK]
Points of Light Bible Study | Sammy Bozeman | 12630
A dynamic new five-lesson Bible study. Watch your city light up and your
church grow as you teach this Bible study.
Regular Price: $8.00 [SPIRALBND]
Sunday School & Revival Promotions | Sammy Bozeman | 12097
New Sunday school and revival promotional ideas. Rev. Bozeman has used all
of the ideas over the years and had very good success, over 100 visitors and
with many receiving the Holy Ghost.
Regular Price: $8.00 [SPIRALBND]