Visual Truth Ministries

By Susan Thomas

Bro. Eddie Gorden knows what it takes to grab children’s attention:  “We use puppets, up front games, illusions, and illustrated sermons to teach biblical truths.  Our ministry is based out of the Bastrop United Pentecostal Church in Bastrop, Louisiana, pastored by, Pastor Dwight Fulton and Bishop A.J. Fulton,” states Bro. Gorden.

“My wife and I started out teaching in our Sunday School Department at our home church over 20 years ago. As time passed we moved from teaching to assisting in the leadership of our Sunday School Department. About 8 years ago my wife, our youngest daughter and myself started going out once in a while to minister in area churches. God has opened many doors and now we are scheduled to be involved in Save Our Children Crusades, Home Missions Crusades, and Youth Camps in 2016.” He also adds, “I think the greatest influence in our ministry is our Bishop A. J. Fulton. He has always put great infuses on our youth and children. Youth Quake at Bastrop United Pentecost Church has been one of the biggest influences in our life and ministry.”

Bro. Gorden  explains, “ Our Ministry is unique in the way we use the tools God has blessed us with in providing something fun and exciting while teaching biblical truths and principles. Many children know us by the Six Foot Balloon we use. We have had up to 15 at one time inside a 6′ Balloon. It is something they never forget. “ He also shares, “As a Children’s Evangelist I have many stories and many memories I will hold on to for a very long time. I guess the one that stands out the most is of one little boy in Florida. I was asked to come down and pray for him. As I asked him his name and what he was praying for his reply was one I have heard many times over. I want the Holy Ghost. I told him that Jesus wanted him to have just what he was wanting, as I prayed with him God so graciously filled him. The reason this is my favorite is because he was the child that God used to direct me into this wonderful ministry.

You ask what does it take to be a successful Children’s Evangelist?  “ I feel that you must love children and have the burden to see them receive the greatest gift any one could ever receive to be a successful Children’s Evangelist. I know that sounds pretty simple but Jesus never meant for it to be difficult. Children truly are greatest!”

We can be contacted at: email: Phone: 318-547-5491 cell or 318-281-7795 home.