We Have an Anchor (Newsletter 3-3)





By John Hanson

Megatons of water aggressively assaulted the rugged coastline, ripping and tearing at the very fabric of the earth. The angry sky thundered as did the colossal waves of the Atlantic, which had been stirred by the category five hurricane which now threatened millions of lives. Plants and animals perished in the violent display of nature’s fury. What a frightening enemy – the unmanageable sea.

The aqua waves frolicked on the enormous, crusty, brown rocks that lined the breathtakingly beautiful shoreline. They playfully splashed into every nook and cranny, toying with the edges of the earth. The ebb and flow of the waves was so pleasant and soothing. What a beautiful natural wonder – the majestic ocean.

Wait just a minute! Which is it? Is the ocean a raging menace or a beautiful and soothing comfort? The same could be asked about life in general. Is life terrible or is it wonderful? Sometimes the people, events and season in which we live cause us to wince in fear because of the challenges and stresses we experience. At other times, life seems like a great gift to be cherished. How does one survive the difficult times and enjoy the wonderful things God makes possible?

The trick is to find an anchor. The ocean is so big and our ships are so small. We need a hand to hold on to that is bigger than ours during the stormy times. Our firm faith in a good God helps us survive the storms. Then, when better days come, we can relax and soak in the blessings. An old hymn says it well:

We have an anchor that keeps the soul

steadfast and sure while the billows roll;

fastened to the Rock which cannot move,

grounded firm and deep in the Saviour’s love!

Life can be wonderful, but it can also be terrible. But God is an anchor. Spending time with Him and His Word gives stability to life. One of the many benefits of being part of a local church or prayer group is that each week when believers gather, they share their faith. Those in a dark time draw strength from others who are experiencing blessings. The prayer, worship and preaching are like a feast to a famished soul. Some days life will rage and other days it will sooth, but the God we worship and the principles we live by never change, and they provide a solid foundation for us all. We have an anchor.

If life seems menacing right now, just hold on to your faith. Tomorrow, you may find yourself enjoying the sunshine and loving life more than ever before. If you don’t have an anchor, Jesus is only a prayer away and there are many people waiting to help you find a personal relationship with Him. You can have an anchor.


My Story
John W Hanson has been Bishop of Acts II Ministries in Thompson CT since 1996. He attended Jackson College of Ministries and earned a B.S. in Special Education and Elementary Education, graduating summa cum laude from Texas State University. He has served as a teacher, a principal, an associate pastor and a pastor, district presbyter and district superintendent. He is author of 4 books,11 prayer clinic handbooks and one teaching DVD called “The God Connection,” which is available at www.ActsII.org.