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Who Was He?

By Andrew D. Urshan
The Blessed Truth, November 1, 1920, Vol. 5, No. 18
Who was he, this man of sorrow Walking by the Galilee, Calling to the humble fishers, “Come ye forth and follow me?” And they left their nets and followed, Even while the sea was calm, For they had heard a gentle whisper He was God and He was man.
St. John 1:37
Who was He, who, when the strong waves, Dash around a little bark, High above them on the mountains, Watches o’er them thru the dark, And at midnight, on the waters, Comes, their troubled hearts to calm Can you see my precious brother? He was God and He was man.
St. John 6:18-20.
Who was he who crossed the water With a multitude following on And he looked, and had compassion On that wretched, starving throng And he fed five thousand people While the bread grew in his hand Was not this another witness, He was God as will as man?
St. John 6:2-12.
Who was He, who, on the highway, Going for the from place to place, Heard the cry of the blind beggar Who had never seen His face. But he fixed his faith on Jesus, Received his sight at His Command, Will you tell me, if you can, friend Was He God or was He man?
St. Luke 18: 37-43.
Who was he, who, with His loved ones Telling them they must be true Taught them they had seen the Father Even in Him who now they knew But they question him still farther, For they cannot understand How that meek and lowly Jesus Could be God in form of man.
John 14: 7-9.
Who was he, who, on dark Calvary, Laid his life so freely down That thru him might come redemption For the whole wide world around? This was he that Holy Temple.
St. John 2:20-21.
In whom lived the might God, Reconciling us unto Himself by the power of His word.
2 Cor. 5, 19.
But I see the grave now open, And I hear the angels sing He has risen, let us crown Him Lord of Lords, and King of Kings! But you ask, again, the question “Who was he, from whence he come?” He was God, the mighty Father (Co1.1:1-20), And the Temple was His Son
Rev. 1:17-18.
No need now for crimson life-blood to flow thru those Holy veins, for He has finished that strange mission, And as God, returns to reign.
St. Mat. 28, 18.
But still the world looks wise and wonders; And they cannot understand That the blessed God, Jehovah, Walked the earth in form of man.
St. Mat 1:23.
Given by the Holy Spirit, to Sister Margaret Hallquist in April 1912. Given for B.T. by A.D. Urshan.


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