Witnessing in Restaurants

Witnessing in Restaurants!
By: Tim Downs

Now this may come to a surprise to many, but as Pentecostals we love to eat! AMEN? At least that’s how I have observed things in my walk with God!

I would like to share some information that may make your time eating out more profitable! As we are out in places eating this is a great time to really become witnesses! What most people do not realize is that we have one of the best opportunities to share our faith with people when we are out in restaurants!

You see, the person who serves you has to pretty much be at your service the whole time you are there. This allows a great chance to share the Love of God! Your server will more than likely be glad to listen to what you have to say, they are somewhat of a captive audience. If you will really pray that each time you are in a place of this nature that God will help you become a better witness you will see results!

There are a few things that need to be said of this type of ministry. First of all as I have stated, your server will be there to listen to you and to serve your needs. This can be a bad thing as well as a good one. You see, I have noticed over the years some bad things that are being done in restaurants. People complain, they act foolish, allow their children to act foolish and make a huge mess. These things are noticed by the people you serve. It is very important that you do not give your church a bad reputation by demanding things, by being snobbish, by being rude to these people.

My mother worked as a server in a restaurant for more than 20 years, she on more than one occasion told me stories of a certain church group that came in once a week. She really dreaded waiting on these people because they would be so rude and would demand things in a really mean way. They also would leave little or no tip upon completion of their meal. Now that is another thing that needs to be addressed. If you are out in a place like this, you need to be generous with your gratuity. You have to really place yourself in the shoes of these people, how would you look at us if we acted in such a way and then left a small tip? Would you want to come to our church? Would you desire to know what we have inside us? I would sadly say, “No you wouldn’t.”

Be respectful, say “may I please” “thank you very much” “excuse me” you know, proper manners! We are shining lights, and when we are out in a restaurant we need to let our lights shine!

Jesus is coming back soon, we need to be more concerned about the people around us and where they may be headed without Biblical salvation. We have a responsibility to reach the lost, to love our neighbor. How can we say we love these people if we know that they are lost and we do nothing to reach them? It’s time to go to work Ladies and Gentlemen! Let’s all do our part to win someone. Let us have compassion and a renewed burden for the lost! We have but a short time!

Here are a few tips and ideas you may ponder.
* Sometime during your meal hand your server a tract, or a bible study or a contact card with your church information and service times.

* Leave a sizable tip to show you care for the server’s hard work. Even if the service was not up to your expectation do not complain, do not leave a small tip. They will not recognize their failure, but they will recognize your lack of concern for them.
* Be as polite and loving as you possibly can. This is a soul, and there is nothing more important than that. Do not be selfish, have the mind of Christ!

* Make sure your children are well behaved! Do not allow them to run all over the place and make a mess. Do not allow them to be rude to the server. Try and clean up any extra messes that your children make, and apologize for it to your server for the inconvenience.
* Smile; allow this person see that there is joy in serving God! Who wants to go to a church where there are rude, cheap, inconsiderate people? I know I wouldn’t want to.

* Do not be shy to share your testimony. You have been brought a long way; this person needs to have a chance to become born again!
* You will never find a more attentive person to hear what you have to say when you follow these instructions! Be a witness!

This article “Witnessing in Restaurants” written by Tim Downs is excerpted from “Soul Winners Packet” for more information go to www.gowinsouls.com.