You Can Know Him (Newsletter 3-7)

You Can Know Him by Laura Krecmer,

Have you ever, at some point in your life wanted to know someone of great significance on a personal level? Maybe a movie star or well known singer? Or maybe an all-star sports player? Oh, the satisfaction we glean in the bragging rights of being the one who knows that high profiled person!  I believe we all have desired that right and I am just as sure we have all experienced another person bragging of those acquaintances.

I have in my own walk through life, wanted to be acquainted with random folks that I thought was of a certain personality only to find out they were indeed total opposite of who I perceived them to be.  We all tend to have a way of classifying others and oft times are wrong for various reasons. People are never quite who we have them labeled to be for one reason or another. But what if you could have a friend that loves you no matter who you are and offers to allow you into their life and also allows you to know them as if an open book? No secrets as to who they are, or who you are? Someone who will listen to your every whim and still be just as much a friend as before you exposed those hidden flaws and defects unto them? What if you were to talk to that person of only the cons of your life and they still cared about every single problem you have and they still desire to maintain highest of quality status with you? Is there anyone one who fits that description? Is there someone like that who actually exists? I mean, we are, after all talking about real life here, right?

If I could, for a few moments, intrigue you with the idea that that very being truly does exist, will you also take the time to consider how much that very being could impact your life? I admit I throw many questions but it is my intent to spark a deeper mindset from you.  We can find many things in this world to satisfy us on a temporary basis and we don’t have to let our mind ponder long or deeply to come up with those things.  The reason being is that they are very shallow and base things of this world. With that being said, I would like to elaborate on something else to ponder.   When any one given person longs for the opportunity to be recognized by someone of significance, it is because that in turn would make them seem important as well, especially when we begin to brag to someone else of that relationship with that well known person.

May I introduce you to the one who created all that you can see, hear, taste, smell, or even touch? This is another question that seems superficial to most but much to be considered.  God is a spirit and yet He is most familiar with the physical, mental, and emotional grief we experience on a daily basis.  He is as real as anything He has created. It is hard to accept that fact or even believe unless God shows us who He is. And He will.

That is my very point of this article. He is as real as every problem you face in life and He will move into your life in the split second you ask Him. He has control over every single scenario you could ever imagine or be a part of. In fact, if you bow before Him and ask Him to manifest Himself into your own personal life, He will do that very thing. I promise you He will do it. If you desire to know Him and all that He is, you will have a profound bragging right. He will see to it that the wonderous relationship He enters into with you is far more interesting and captivating and of the highest stature than any physical human being in this world regardless of what they profess or are portrayed to be.

The God of this world will not only expose you to all He is and has for you individually, He will also reveal the base and shallow things of this world to be exactly that. He will lead you into the deep and hidden things of His plans for you that your mind has never delve into before.  Nothing can or ever will compare to the love and relationship of Jesus Christ our God and King. He manifested Himself into flesh and He died to save you from this evil and deceptive world and He longs to give you a more valued life until He comes again to receive you up into glory.

I cannot write enough words to expound on the goodness of God although my tongue is as a pen of a ready writer like David in his Psalms. I can however point you to the written word of Jesus Christ.  He is an open book in the King James Version and He will prove all His word proclaims. All you have to do is ask Him to come into your life, read His word and conform to His ways because they are higher and far more precise than ours and see the change He will make in your willing heart.  Jesus Christ is more than you have ever hoped for and all that you could ever hope for. He will never change.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  I can make that promise to you because He makes that promise to us all.

Laura Krecmer, with her husband Kevin, are dedicated workers in the Bus Ministry and other areas. They have a desire to see kids reached, shown love, and ultimately find a relationship with God.