Youth Counselor

Youth Counselor
New Life Christian Center
Deborah Bearden

Job Purpose

The purpose of this job is to lead the youth of the church into a higher level of spiritual development, help them with questions they may have along the way, and counsel them through any set backs or problems they may encounter weather spiritual or personal. It is required that any advise that is given to a young person or any member of this fellowship be biblically based. Furthermore, if any problem arises that affects the spiritual health of an individual the pastor is to be advised of the situation.

Job Qualifications

– Must be filled with the Holy Ghost
– Must have a prayer life
– Must be a member of the church
– Must life by the guide lines put forth by the pastor for those in ministries
– Must be loyal and respectful to the pastor
– Must have a love for youth
– Must have a burden for the youth
– Must have a knowledge of the biblical teaching
– Must have some form of formal teaching on counseling (secular or private schooling)
– Must be living a life the youth can emulate

Job Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the youth counselor as well as any other minister to lead the prayer of the church. The saints of the church will always look up to the ministers for their spiritual guidance.

– Must meet early before church for prayer
– Must be at most if not all prayer meetings

Any person put over an area in the church needs to devote some time for that ministry. In order for a ministry to be successful it needs some one who will put time toward it.

– Must have a time set aside to fellowship with youth
– Must take the time to get to know the youth
– The youth counselor is for all the youth that needs him/her, therefore they most be open to all the youth even those who seem not to want to talk. Usually it is the students that seem to be okay that really need a person to talk to.
– Must be open to all youth
– Do not over look some one because they look okay

Organizational Relationships

This department needs to work with the pastor, youth pastor and the parents extremely well. There are a few more departments that is needed as well such as, the out reach, music, alter workers, etc… The purpose of the church is to perfect the saints and win the lost, so that should be on everyone’s agenda.

Training and Development

It is the responsibility of this department head to stay up to date with all the new research on counseling, youth counseling, and the evens of today’s world. You cannot ever hope to help a person if you have no idea of the issues going on in their life.

Other Duties
It has already been stated that the purpose of the church is to;

1) Perfect the saints
2) Win the lost

Therefore this is what you need to be thinking about all the time. Before you are a counselor you are a soul winner and that is why the church was made.

Job Goals

Over the next year our goals are;

– Develop a strong youth group
– Develop a soul winning youth group
– Grow spiritually
– Develop a relationship with the youth that cannot be broken
– Grow in number
– We are not loosing any due to their problems
– The youth we have are bringing people