Youth Activities Director

Youth Activities Director
Bro. Joshua O’Bannion
First United Pentecostal Church of Parma-2005

Job Purpose

To organize & oversee all the youth departments activities to provide entertainment, social, & spiritual growth to the youth. The focus of responsibility will on games, camps, rallies, conferences, planning, & organization of the youth calendar. You are the central unit for all the activities for the youth department.

Job Qualifications:

* Must be filled with the Holy Ghost.

* Must meet the qualifications of church membership.

*. Must be obedient to the pastor & his final say.

* Must be able to work with others.

* Must carry a burden for young people.

* Must have energy, excitement for their job.

* Must show forth character of a leader.

* Must be faithful & dependable when called upon.

Job Responsibilities:

* Shall organize & oversee all operations of activities ran through the youth department & approval of all outings & major functions through pastor.

1. Shall prepare & organize the youth calendar:

2. Must attend the annual planning meetings to make sure not to double book functions conflicting with other departments.

* Shall be example of leadership to the youth department.

* Must attend all sectional, district, & national youth events: Rallies, camps, conferences.

* Shall oversee director of promotions & make known to the church & community of youth involvement.

* Shall be apart of youth committee & also be apart of pastoral training/leadership seminar.

* Shall conduct youth social activities:
1. Camping trip
2. Valentines banquet
3. Christmas banquet
4. Hayfest
5. Back to school rally

*Shall conduct youth spiritual activities:
1. Youth congress
2. Youth prayer meeting
3. Youth revivals

*Shall be apart of Barnabas program:
NOTE: Big brother/sister to a younger youth

*Shall train & teach others of their job.

Other Duties

*Shall provide monthly reports & statements of progress. -Shall attend monthly meetings.

*Shall assist youth pastor in anyway he needs assistance. -Shall attend all youth meetings & activities. -Shall help raise funds for the youth department

*Shall establish private account strictly for the basis of youth outings & socials.

*Shall perform any other duties asked by pastor, just being dependable & reliable for help.

Organizational Relationships

The youth activities director is accountable to the youth pastor & pastor. Each year this job description will be reviewed in a meeting with pastor & if necessary the youth pastor as well to improve & update anything that needs changed. Accountability of this job will require monthly reports, a full calendar of events, monthly, & a yearly on that can be updated. The director will work director with the other functions of the youth department, and other departments in the church to not conflict with schedules. Evaluation of this job will be done by the pastor on a annual basis. The term of this office if for 1 year. At anytime if the guidelines of this job description are broken, you can & if necessary will be removed from office.

Training & Development

Read the following:
1. Youth activities books

2. “Youth workers manual” by David Hyles

3. “How to organize activities & groups” by Richard Biggles

4. Any additional books given by pastor-these books will be given to you by the pastor of no charge unless unread then you will reimburse the pastor.

*Attend national youth workers convention.

Goals For The Year of 2005

* Assist in coordinating a full youth activities agenda.

* Organization of youth department

* Keep the youth involved, & excited about their youth group.

* Beginning of youth outings & socials

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