Assistant Youth Pastor

Assistant Youth Pastor
Brad Wilkinson
United Pentecostal Church – 2004

Job Purpose

To be a help to assist the youth pastor in any manner necessary relating to church and youth events. The major focus will be placed on scheduled youth events, and and helping out during youth services. With this being the focus we can achieve the necessary our goal of our youth group and our church.

Job Qualifications

1. Must be filled with the Holy Ghost

2. Must meet the qualifications for church membership

3. Must be loyal to leadership

4. Must have a desire to work with young people

5. Must have a God given passion for youth

6. Must be willing to learn and grow

7. Must love people

Job Responsibilities

* Will assume all operations of the Assistant Youth Pastor Ministry underneath the direction of the Pastor and also the Youth Pastor.

* Must fulfill this ministry with honesty, passion, love, faithfulness, and dedication.

* Shall insure that the basic steps of the Assistant Youth Pastor assistant position regularly.
a. Be outgoing, willing to get out of your shell
b. Write two cards a week to people in the youth group
c. Make hospital visits to young people as well as people in the church. Write a
devotional once a month for the youth group

* Shall get information on visitors before and after youth service
a. Make sure to get it in the hands of the youth pastor preferably the same night

* Shall have a running list of all of the information of every new young person

* Shall be at church at least 45 minutes early to greet people on the porch.

* Shall prepare for at least one youth service a month
a. The service will be in your hands
b. Get music together
c. You are preaching
d. Find M.C.
e. Prepare for altar call

* Must be ready to speak at one of the sessions of our annual youth retreat

* Shall be willing to make flyers for upcoming youth functions a. for district functions

* Shall be willing to go to district and state youth functions
a. Drive there and back
b. Wait at church until young people’s parents pick them up

* Prepare a Junior High Trip
a. Perhaps to an amusement park

* Prepare to teach a youth staff meeting once a every two months a. Have a hand out for us

Organizational Relationships

The position of Assistant Youth Pastor is directly responsible to first the pastor and second to the Youth Pastor. Each year, the pastor and the youth pastor will review this job description, and it will be updated and reviewed to improve the position as well as things to better the young people and the church itself. The term of this office will be for one year upon review.

Training and Development

* Read “Purpose Driven Youth Ministries” by Rick Warren

* Read “How- to Win Friends and influence People” by Dale Carnege

* Read ” The Next Generation Leader” by Andy Stanley

* Read “The Best Question Ever” by Andy Stanley

* Read any other books recommended by the Pastor or Youth Pastor
* Be willing to go to leadership training conferences

* Be willing to learn from pastor and youth pastor

* Must learn from your mistakes (try, try, try again)

Job Goals for the Year of 2004

* Begin and Perfect our youth group

* Make sure our focus is getting them to have a relationship

* Grow in your on skills, ministry and relationship with God

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