Youth Praise and Worship Leader

Youth Praise and Worship Leader
Nathan Sexton
United Pentecostal Church of Auburn Hills -2004

Job Purpose

To administer, lead, and motivate the Praise and Worship teams of the Youth Music Department, in a manner that will encourage a spirit of liberty and freedom for the church and youth to participate in. There will be a major emphasis on Chorale, Special Groups, Special Songs, Instruments, and recording ministry. With an emphasis on these, you will also assist in accomplishing the main task of music, helping promote an atmosphere where God can move freely.

Job Qualifications

1. Must be filled with the Holy Ghost.

2. Must meet the qualifications for church membership.

3. Must be loyal to the Pastor and Youth Pastor.

4. Must work in one accord with other departments.

5. Must be able to instill fervor, excitement and energy.

6. Must be able to lead on and off platform and motivate.

7. Must have a desire for outreach and a passion for souls.

8. Must be faithful and dependable in all things.

9. Must have knowledge of the ministry provided.

10. Must desire to teach new material and stay on cutting edge.

Job Responsibilities

* Shall tend to and supervise all operations of the Youth Praise under the direction of the Youth Pastor and Youth Choir Director.

* Must approve all musicians and singers through the Youth Pastor to see if they reasonably comply with the Pastor’s policy on holiness.
* Must be reasonable in continuing to look for new material to develop the musical ability/talent in the Youth Department such as:

a. Soloist
b. Duets
c. Trios
d. Quartets
e. Chorale

* Shall schedule a separate practice time for each group-separating singers and musicians until ready to put them together.

* Must encourage participation among the church musicians and their performances. Must practice with them as needed.

* Must meet with Youth Pastor at least 20 minutes before beginning of Youth service to review the Praise and Worship song selection.

* Must plan, along with the Youth Pastor to support the Youth Praise night-talent amongst the youth of our church.

Chorale Responsibilities

* Must make sure that the Chorale is prepared to sing whenever possible.

* Must encourage faithfulness, enthusiasm, and full participation of members, purposing to develop a Chorale of quality.

* Must strive to utilize Youth talent: Soloists, musicians, groups.

* Must have a regularly scheduled chorale and Praise and Worship practice:
a. Director should be thirty minutes to one hour hour prior to practice to set up/prepare for practice.
b. Practice should start on time, whether or not all are present.
c. Always begin and end practice with prayer.
d. Make sure building is locked up/down with all requirements met.

* Must stress the vitality of spiritual preparation to each member before singing in any service. Ask that they spend time in prayer before service begins.

* Must plan involvement in all adult choir specials throughout the year: Christmas, Easter, and the summer special.

Special Singers & Groups

* Make sure that at least one special is arranged (even if not used) for every Youth service.
a. Produce a calendar one month in advance to allow time for adequate preparation- for singer and leaders.
b. Variety is a must! Be careful not to get in a rut or certain patterns.
c. Make certain that all participants of the service remain on the platform. This will reduce “dead time”, also making a positive appearance about the music of Youth service.
d. Inform all participants that just because they are on the schedule, things are subject to change-it is not there position.
e. Hand out a schedule of all tentative soloists and groups one month in advance-including practice times for each team and so on.
f. Pray for wisdom, knowledge, and guidance in service preparation and song selection.

Other Duties
* Shall work with Youth Pastor and Pastor to select an assistant to work with you in all phases of the ministry.

* Be cognoscente of Monday night (family night). We encourage this to be the “stay home” night.

* Must attend all Annual Planning retreats and monthly Youth Staff Planning Council meetings.

* Must be an example of faithfulness by attending all regular and youth church services and functions.

* Must be an example to the youth and adults in soul winning.

* Must meet with all members once a month for a motivation/leadership/prayer meeting.

Organizational Relationships

The Youth Praise and Worship leader is responsible to the Youth Pastor and Pastor. Each year, the Youth Pastor and Praise and Worship leader will review this job description, update and improve to make more applicable to the position. Accountability is key. The Praise and Worship leader is responsible for every member, singer and musician. The leader will work closely with all departments, but especially the Youth Choir director, Public Relations and Sunday School. Evaluation of performance of this position shall be performed by the Youth Pastor on an annual basis. The term of this office shall be for one year.

Training and Development

* Attend Music Fest in Indianapolis Indiana if possible.
* Read Let my People Grow by Tim Massengale
* Read books provided by Youth Pastor and Pastoral staff they deem necessary.

Job Goal for the Year of 2004

* Begin meeting with Youth Pastor 30 min. prior to service to review song selections.

* Help to improve and enlarge Youth Choir by working close with the director. Schedule time in your practice to run over choir repertoire.

* Produce a list of qualifications and responsibilities for Musicians, Singers, and Special groups.

* Explore possibilities of developing duets, trios and quartets. –Plan a summer Praise and Worship outing.

* Give all words to the multimedia department allowing material to be placed on the screens in service.

* Develop Job Descriptions for all interdepartmental positions.

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