Youth Music Department Director

Youth Music Department Director
Sis. Lia Matthews
Christian Life Center

Job Purpose

To administer and motivate the Youth Music Department in a manner that will create a spirit of worship for the youth participating. Major focuses will be placed on Youth Choir, Youth Ensemble, and Expression of Praise, and Youth Worship Teams. In focusing upon these, you will assist in accomplishing the main tasks of music, this being, to promote an atmosphere in which God can move.

Job Qualifications

Must be:

1. Filled with the Holy Ghost

2. Meeting the qualifications for church membership

3. Loyal to the Pastor

4. Willing to work in harmony with others

5. Carrying a burden for Youth Music Ministry

6. Able to instill enthusiasm and excitement

7. Able to lead and motivate Young people

8. A lover of the souls of young men and women

9. Faithful and dependable in accomplishing duties

10. A knowledge of the operation of the Music Ministry

Job Responsibilities

* Shall oversee and supervise all operations of the Youth Music Ministry under the direction of the Pastor, Youth Director, and Music Director.

* Shall seek to implement this ministry with tact, zeal, dedication, and love.

* Shall approve, through the Youth Director and Music Director, all musicians and singers to see if they reasonable comply with the Pastor’s policy on holiness.

(All new converts should have completed the Christian Development Course and signed their Covenant of Commitment form before being used in the music ministry, unless special permission has been obtained from the Pastor.)

* Shall be responsible to continually look for and develop the music talent in the youth such as:
1. Soloist
2. Small Groups
3. Choirs
4. Stick Drama

* Shall schedule a regular separate practice time for all youth choir, youth singing groups and scheduled youth soloists.

* Shall encourage participation in youth and church services and oversee their performances. Shall practice with them as needed.

* Shall direct or over see a dynamic you music program that is well equipped and well trained. The music should be:
1. Varied, as to different styles to minister to all backgrounds of all ages
2. Spiritual
3. Skilled
4. To the glory of God

* Shall see Music Minister 30 minutes before service to review choir and special song selections.

Choir Responsibilities

* Shall see that the Youth Choir is prepared to sing one Sunday night every month and on special occasions.

* Shall encourage faithfulness, enthusiasm, and participation of all youth choir members, endeavoring to build the choir in both quality and quantity.

* Shall endeavor to utilize youth talent (soloist, groups, and instruments) as much as possible in youth choir selections.

* Shall have scheduled youth choir practices:
1. The Director should arrive at least 15 min prior to practice to set up and prepare for practice.

2. The youth choir practice should start on time, whether full choir is there or not.

3. Always begin choir practice with time of prayer.

4. Work out special arrangements with musicians, soloists, etc., prior to the practice.

5. Shall insure that building is locked up, air/heat/lights/sound turned off after any choir practice on off church nights.

6. Sunday night youth choir practice MUST be through by 5:45pm sharp.

* Shall impress the importance of spiritual preparation to each youth choir member before singing in a service. Ask that they spend time in the prayer hall directly after practice before service begins.

* Shall keep choir sheets filed away neatly (pick up after service).

* Shall see that the standards of platform leaders are abided by.

* Shall pray that the youth choir will be an instrument to the glory of God.

Other Duties

* Shall work the Youth Director to select an assistant to work with you in all phases of the youth music ministry.

* Shall hand in an official monthly report to the Music Director to be reported at the Monthly Staff Council.

* Shall be an example to the youth in faithfulness by attending all church services, youth services, and functions.

* Shall be an example to the youth in soul winning by being continually involved in the Home Bible Study Ministry, or some other form of outreach ministry.

* Shall perform additional duties as required.

Organizational Relationships

The Youth Music Director is responsible to report directly to both the Music Director and Youth Director. Each year, the Music Director and Youth Music Director will review this Job Description, update and improve to make more applicable to the position. In turn, the Pastor must approve the revision of the Job Description. Accountability shall consist of a monthly report of all youth music activities and upcoming events. The director will work closely with all departments, but especially Youth Department and Music Department. The Pastor and Music Director on an annual basis shall perform evaluation of performance of the position. The term of this office shall be for one year.

Training and Development

* Attend at least two music seminars (Music Fest is required)

* Read book (s) provided from Music Director, Youth Director, and/or the Pastor

Job Goals for the Year of 2004

* Develop a Youth Worship Teams and Youth Ensemble. Improve and enlarge the Youth Choir (schedule practices and at least five additional youth).

* Develop a list of qualifications and responsibilities for the Youth Choir, Youth Musicians, and Youth Special Singers membership.

* Develop and begin using a Youth Worship Team every Thursday night for youth service.

* Place all songs on PowerPoint for each service.

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