Apostolic Leadership Institute

Excellence in Doctrine, Excellence in Lifestyle, Excellence in Ministry. The Apostolic Leadership Institute (ALI), which took place July 12-17, is a week-long, intense, multi-course program designed to teach and help develop leadership qualities in those of the Apostolic faith by leading them into excellence in these three major areas.

Conceived by Bro. Clifford H. Readout Jr. in response to request from other ministers, ALI was started to help students build on their current foundation to grow in knowledge and wisdom and to be better prepared to be a blessing in their local church and help to further the gospel of Jesus Christ. “Knowing that the Apostolic movement has several relatively popular Bible colleges, it seemed to me that an intensive, short-term training program would be of greater benefit to the Church than another full-term Bible college,” said Bro. Readout.

Tuition for the Apostolic Leadership Institute includes room and board for the week as well as the written course materials for the classes you will attend. Three quality meals a day are included in one low fee. Students are roomed in the superior dormitory facilities of the college, which is located in Waterbury, CT. Married couples are allowed to room together. “The course work is illuminating and intense,” said Bro. Readout.

One alumnus wrote this about the curriculum: “Even basic subjects are covered in such depth and detail that students can develop profound understanding. The teachers are passionate about their material and make personal sacrifices to deliver it. All of this is included, plus air-conditioned rooms with full kitchens and 15 good meals in the cafeteria for less than you would reasonably expect to pay for the lodging alone. For those who are serious about achieving excellence, attendance at ALI is a must.”

The students of the Apostolic Leadership Institute include men and women at every stage of Christian development, and every age from 15 to 85, and the results have been amazing. ALI alumni who were not already credentialed have become ministers, overseas and North American missionaries, pastors, assistant pastors, and even district presbyters and department heads. Others have become faithful lay leaders and soul winners in their home churches. “The total enrollment in our 14 years of operation has been 831 students,” said Bro. Readout. “We have received excellent feedback, and there is an entire page on our website devoted to students’ testimonials and evaluations.”

The Apostolic Leadership Institute Board of Directors has sought the Lord’s direction in choosing the faculty and curriculum. “We are abundantly blessed with the gifted ministries of a unique and very special faculty,” said Bro. Readout. “We have been blessed with a bountiful presence of the Lord, enthusiastic and loyal alumni, and an excellent reputation throughout North America and among overseas missionary works. All of us in the Apostolic Leadership Institute hope that you will make application to attend ALI this year and also urge your local church leaders and young people to take advantage of this tremendous spiritual development opportunity.”

For more information, or to apply, visit apostolicleadership.com or contact Tom Dibble at TomDibble@apostolicleadership.com or Cliff Readout at [readout@mac.com]