Bro. Rasheed Proliurytuu
United Pentecostal Church-2004

Job Purpose

To handle all the matters that restricts the pastor from fulfilling his ministerial duties. The greatest degree of involvement will not be from the pulpit, but mare from the administrative perspective. Most focus will be placed on handling legal affairs, and making sure -the business side of-the church is running smoothly. By accomplishing this task successfully you will provide the pastor with adequate time to pray, fast, and prepare for his lessons and sermons.

Job- Qualifications

* Must be filled with the Holy Ghost

* Must meet the requirements far church membership 3. Must be loyal to the Pastor

* Must be willing to work in harmony with others

* Must carry a burden for the church

* Must be able to work well under pressure

* Must be able to lead and motivate department heads 8. Must Love and care for the souls of the congregation

* Must be faithful and dependable in accomplishing duties

* Must have a knowledge of the operation/functions of the Assistant Pastor

Job Responsibilities

* Shall oversee and supervise all the operations of the Board of Directors, as well as the Department heads. Will need to seek to improve all existing departments.

* Will be responsible far planning and participating in:
a. The annual planning retreat
b. Annual ministry retreat
c. Weekly update meetings

* Shall be the head of all administration.
a. Will be in charge of making sure ell reports are received consistently, and filed properly.
b. Will need to be willing to work with leadership weaknesses, and try to develop average leaders into great leaders.
c. Will need to be able to offer constructive criticism as well as encouragement to department heeds, while keeping them motivated to accomplish tasks.

* Will need to be able to prepare for bible study at least once a month

* Shall go to the hospital to pray for sick people when asked by the Pastor. Other Duties

* Shall build a family life that will be an example to the saints of how a family should be.

* Shall spend time with family and build a loving family to be emulated

* Shall be e leader in worship end in the altars Shall be an altar worker.

* Shall reed all the material that the Pastor requires to be reed monthly to further your Ministry.

* Shall attend the Annual Planning Retreat. Organizational Relationships

The Assistant Pastor is responsible to the Pastor. Each year the job description end responsibilities shall be updated to more effectively meet the goals of the Church The Assistant Pastor shall turn in monthly reports to the Pastor. The Assistant is responsible for all activities and departments under the Pastor. He shall work directly with all departments making sure all jobs are being completed successfully, and progress is being made. Evaluation of this position will be held every year, it shall be performed by the Pastor. The term is good for one year.

Training and Development

* Read “The Next Generation Leader” by Andy Stanley (Multnomah)

* Read “Let My People Grow” by Tim Massengale (Revival Research)

* Attend at least two leadership conferences, and 1 revival conference

Job Goals for the year 2005

* Establish a leadership training program

* Begin to develop young talent in leadership area

* Begin looking into starting a building program

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