Assistant Pastor- Job Description

Assistant Pastor- Job Description
John Patrick Anderson

Job Purpose

To assist the pastor in the administration, management, and leadership of the church in a manner that will result in the pastor being free to perform the duties that only the pastor can perform. Main focus will be placed on the oversight of department heads and all group leaders in terms of concerns problems and decisions.

Job Qualifications

1. Must have experienced the “New Birth’ according to Acts 2:38
2. Must meet the qualifications of church membership
3. Must be loyal to the pastor
4. Must have a burden and love for the church
5. Must be able to work with people
6. Must be faithful and dependable
7. Must be willing to work to build the pastor’s ministry
8. Must be able to lead leaders
9. Must be able to motivate and encourage leaders
10. Must be willing to make prayerful decisions
11. Must be willing to perform ‘extra” duties pastor may ask
12. Must have a knowledge of the church’s organization and function

Job Responsibilities

* Shall love the saints of God and touch lives through honesty and integrity.

* Shall work with the board to come up with ideas of places for a new church.

> Shall assist in fundraising ideas that will build the building fund

> Shall begin to work with the Pastor and the Board on designs for the Family Center and Fitness Center.

* Shall work closely with the department heads on correlating their dates with other departments.

* Shall be ready to teach the Bible Study Service once a month

* Shall be ready to preach anytime the Pastor has to be gone for any reason.

* Shall work with young ministers in finding a time for the Timothy Project. Shall be actively working in the Timothy Project to effect young ministers. In helping find books and materials that will build them up.

* Shall be knowledgeable of all the Departments so that at any point you would be able to step in and administrate the position if the need should arise.

* Shall work with the Pastor on evaluating the departments and help with the monthly departmental planning sessions.

* Shall go to the hospital to pray for sick people when asked by the Pastor.

* Shall be on-call for the Pastor both day and night to help in any way needed.

* Shall begin to learn about counseling and sit in on certain counseling sessions when the Pastor sees it appropriate.

* Shall read all the material that the Pastor requires to be read monthly to further your Ministry.

* Shall listen to CD’s that the Pastor requires for spiritual growth and for ministry ideas.

* Shall attend the Annual Planning Retreat and the Monthly Tag-In Sessions.

* Shall handle any problems and concerns of department heads and cell leaders which do not require the pastor’s attention

* Shall organize and oversee an annual Pastor and Staff Lunch to promote good relations

Other Duties

* Shall attend all services unless sick or on vacation and when sick must call Pastor and inform him of your sickness.

* Shall be an example in soul winning and Bible studies.

* Shall build a family life that will be an example to the saints of how a family should be. Shall spend time with family and build a loving family to be emulated

* Shall be at prayer meetings and must be in the prayer room thirty minuets before church start.

* Shall be a leader in worship and in the altars shall be an attar worker.

Organizational Relationship

The assistant pastor is responsible directly to the pastor. Each year the pastor and assistant pastor will review the job description, and make improvements where needed. In addition, the assistant pastor will submit reports on any concerns, problems, and decisions handled.

Training and Development

* Read “The Next Generation Leader” by Andy Stanley (Multnomah)
* Read one Francis Schaffer book
* Read “Never Give In” by Winston S. Churchill (Hyperion)

* Read “How to Win Friend and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie (Cardinal)
* Read “Let My People Grow” by Tim Massengale (Revival Research)
* Read “As Iron Sharpens Iron” by Howard and William Hendricks (Moody)
* Read all additional books provided by the Pastor.
* Shall attend Steadfast Conference.

Job Goals for the Year Of 2010

* To raise money for the building fund
* To have a site map for the new property.
* To have a blue print of the new building.
* To build Timothy Project to a place where the young ministers of the church are growing in their ministry.
* Help plan the calendar for the church
* Assist in working on all departments.
* Assist in writing Job Descriptions for all departmental leaders.