Church Sound Production

Church Sound Production
The Calvary Church
Anthony Hinson

Job Title

Department head of sound production, the SoundMan of The Calvary Church.

Job Purpose

The purpose of the department of sound production is designed to meet all the needs involving live sound reinforcement, both in the front of the house, and platform monitoring, (Front of house mixing is what the congregation hears during every service. Platform monitoring is mixing sound for the preacher, singers, praise leaders, musicians, and choir.) as well as platform rearranging. Also the soundman will be recording services on tape and CDs and duplicating them. This person is also responsible for maintaining all sound equipment.

Job Qualifications/ Requirements to hold the job;

l. Must be filled with the Holy Ghost, baptized in Jesus Name according to Acts 2:38.

2. Must be a member of The Calvary Church or part of an Apostolic church for at least three years.

3. Must be a faithful tithe payer to The Calvary Church.

4. Must have some sort of engineering background. From owning your own sound, to school, either college or a private institute and majored in audio production.

Job Responsibilities

1. The department head must train a crew of at least seven others to keep the department going. Delegating is a must, there are many services and practices in a week that need sound and you cannot burn out a few people.

2. The last Sunday of every month the entire crew will meet for a short meeting after church and make the next month’s schedule.

3. The scheduled soundmen for each service or practice must try his/her very best to be 30-45 minutes early to the service. This enable them to:

A. To always and should be the only one to turn on the system.

B. To test the house, monitors, microphones, instruments, and CD player and Tape decks.

4. The soundcrew can never allow themselves to get to the place where they cannot worship God while running Sound. The department head must help his crew to keep a fire burning with inside of his helpers.

Organizational Relationships

1. You will answer to the Pastor.

2. You are responsible for your entire crew and equipment.

3. You will check with the Pastor for additions to your crew and any type of arrangements needing to set up.

4. You will be working with the department heads that are in charge of choir, worship leaders, specials, drama’s, and any other special events at the church.

5. You will attend a monthly meeting with the department heads that are in charge of those listed in number four for any changes or updated information that all the departments need to be involved in.

Training and Development

1. The soundmen or sound crew must always be in prayer. (Outside of their everyday prayer life)
A. Acts 6:4, “But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry.”

2. The entire crew will plan and attend a sound seminar bi-annually partially funded by the church.

3. You will hold a training class once every two months for additional training outside of any type of service or practice to train new people or introduce new equipment.

Job Goals

1. Continue to focus on increasing the clarity level in the sound system. Not just make the sound louder during the services, but clear it up.

2. Design nicer labels with color and pictures for CDs and tapes.

3. Make better quality recording CDs and tapes.

4. Get rid of tapes all together by the end of the year.

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