Administrative Producer: Video Communications and New Media

Administrative Producer: Video Communications and New Media
Uriah Ocean Peterson

Job Purpose:

The purpose of this position is to oversee and execute the development of Apostolic programming that will be shown on the churches web site.

This ministry will strive to produce content and imagery that is good, if not better, than what the secular film and video industry can produce. This ministry will capture and distribute video and other media sources in the best possible picture and sound quality as well as a polished finished product that will set the standard for others to follow.

The Primary use of this ministry is to perfect the saints.

– Qualifications:

– Must be filled with to Holy Ghost

– Must meet the qualifications for church membership

– Must be able to work under pressure and tight scheduling

– Good understanding of video technology.

– Dedication and Faithfulness are required

– Must have a good understanding of computers. This includes word processing, video editing, titling, and web experience.

– Able to handle simple lighting equipment.

Job Responsibilities:

Sunday Evening Service
– Prayer before Sunday evening service at 6:30 b. Ready bumper, slug, and ID / Logo

– Situate crew for the service and take attendance of crew help d. Set Lights and white balance cameras e. Tone check and audio check

– Situate with Technical Director
– Video feed shall be running 8 min before church service General Responsibilities

– Create church logo with graphics program

– Update service on web site every week

– Shall create 5-8 second commercials that advertise the various activities and events of the church..

Note: Shall use the Digital Juice library and Final Cut Pro to assemble the production.

Other Duties
РShall work with the pastor to select crew members and assistance for this Ministry.  These people should have an interest in video production and be willing to be trained

– Shall be faithful to church and faithful to the crew.

– Shall videotape or assign people to tape all scheduled church events. This includes weddings, fundraisers, plays, musicals, and any other church related events.

– Shall hand in a video log showing who worked on what projects each week. Basically this log is for filling purposes.

– Execute training day once a year with crew.

Organizational Relationships

Twice a year, the Pastor and Administrative Producer will review the job description, update and improve it in order to effectively communicate both a creative and ministry oriented agenda. Four times a year, the pastor, Ad Producer, along with the video creative team will determine the programming for the following year. This will be a time to flesh out any projects that need to be completed.

Training and Development
– Attend a video production and editing seminar paid for by the church.

– Read ” Videography Magazine” The church will subscribe

– Read “VideoMaker Magazine”. The church will subscribe

– Read “Media Law for Producers” Author***

– Other material will be given as it becomes available.

– Read :Film and Video Budgets by Michael Wiese and Deke Simon

– Read: The Independent Film and Video makers Guide by Michael Wiese

– Read: Digital Filmmaking 101: by Dale Newton and John Gaspard

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