Audio Visual Director

Audio Visual Director
Bro. Micah Warbington
Nov. 3, 2004-Nov. 3, 2005

Job Purpose:

The Audio Visual Director has a complete involvement in the vital ministry of the church. The Director’s position is to help expand our churches outreach and ministry by means of multi-media access. The focus if the department is to share and to give Christian Life Center and its ministry to the community and to friends. This position allows services to run smoothly without interruption, allowing more time and people available to work in the services and in the altars.

Job Qualifications:

* Must be Baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost.

* Must be priority minded and organized. Faithful and diligent to work.

* College degree or further education in Multimedia/Communications.

* Must Love the preaching and teaching of the Word.

* Extended Knowledge of the World Wide Web

* Know how to create and build new sites.

* Knowledge of Video Production

* Know how to record and duplicate tapes

Job requirements:

The Audio Visual Director must be Faithful, not only to the Pastor but as well to the church. The breaking of this will bring immediate termination of position.

* Must have system up and running before each service. Power point presentation of announcements, worship songs and lyrics, video and audio tapes ready to record.

* Director must meet with the Pastor weekly.

* Director must keep a continuous prayer life, and meet for prayer with other director’s on Sundays before service.

* Must fast on a regular basis.

The Audio Visual Director must keep the church web site updated and running smoothly. Adding weekly new services and video from each.

Other duties:

* Keep multimedia room neat and clean, as well as organized.

* Must hold God and family first.

* Internet access, must use integrity!

Director’s Relationship:

The Audio Visual Director is to work under the authority of the pastor. His assistance to the pastor is a vital role in the work of the church and for the church. The Director is also to maintain a close relationship with the other director’s in an effort to expand each ministry and its potential. Giving all ministries their place in the church web site and organized power point presentations at monthly meetings. The Audio Visual Director will be a main part in keeping the unity of Director’s. We’re all here to help one another grow, and to edify the church, and winning the Lost.

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