Praise Team Leader

Praise Team Leader
Jason Upton
House of Prayer 2004

Job Purpose

The praise team leader will organize and lead the church praise team in presenting special praise and worship music to the congregation and leading the congregation in praise and worship.

Job Qualifications

1. Must be baptized by immersion in the name of Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking other tongues

2. Must be an active church member meeting membership requirements

3. Passion for praising and worshiping God through music

4. Must be dependable and able to effectively lead and inspire people

5. Must have a consistent devotion time consisting of prayer, fasting, & Bible reading

6. Basic knowledge of music fundamentals

7. Must adhere to the biblical principles of holiness


1. Work in conjunction with music director to obtain praise music.
A. Co-ordinate weekly with Music Director about songs for each service
B. Monthly meeting with the Music Director to help direct the praise team

2. Organize praise team.
A. Have two extra praise singers in case a member of your praise team becomes ill or can’t make it to a service
B. As soon as possible the praise team needs to represent each voice range I.e. tenor, alto, and soprano

3. Schedule praise team rehearsals.
A. At least once a week if your praise team is singing on Sunday

4. Recruit members for the praise team.
A. Meet with Music Director and Pastor to discuss candidates for the Praise Team

5. Lead the praise team in leading the congregation in praise music and in presenting special music.

Other Duties

* Will work closely with the Music director and other Praise Team Leaders for the continual improvement and development of the ministry.

* Will meet regularly with praise team members to practice and develop the ministry

* Will gather One half hour before service with other praise team members for prayer. This is a must of all those in public ministry of our Church.

* Shall perform additional duties as required

Organizational Relationship

The Praise team leader is responsible directly to the Music director. The music director is then responsible to the Pastor. Each year the Pastor, Director, and Praise Team Leader will review the job description, update and improve to make more applicable to the position. The leader is responsible for all Praise Team Members. Evaluation of this position will be performed by the Music Director on an annual basis. The term of this office shall be for one year.

Training and Development

* Read “Is your VOICE telling on you?” by Daniel R. Boone PhD

* Read the Book of Psalms and take special notice of the passion that is put forth

* Attend any singing or music enhancement conference available. Le. Music Fest

* Be consistent in listening to Christian Music to continually develop our Praise Team

* Begin an annual Voice Training seminar in the summer

Job Goal for 2004
* Develop at least three praise teams, so they could rotate each service

* Develop specialized songs for holidays Especially for Easter, Pentecost Sunday, and Christmas

* Begin the planning phase and development of a Praise Service *Develop a music composition specifically for our church

Praise Team Leader Overview

Ministry Area/Department: Music

Position: Praise team leader

Accountable To: Music director

Ministry Target: Congregation and praise team

Position Is: Volunteer

Position May Be Filled By: Church member

Minimum Maturity Level: Stable, maturing Christian

Spiritual Gifts: Administration – Exhortation

Talents or Abilities Desired: -Good leadership and organizational skills -Training and/or experience in directing a choir or music group preferred -Knowledge of basic music fundamentals

Best Personality Traits: Dependable – Consistent – Good character – Neat – Outgoing – Expresser – Leader

Passion For: For praising and worshiping God through music

Length of Service Commitment: One year minimum

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