Facebook: An Open Door for Truth – Apostolic News (Newsletter 4-3)

Facebook: An Open Door for Truth
By Brian Davis

“The Lord gave me a vision after an extended fast,” said Bro. Brian Davis of Denver, Colorado, who attends Calvary Apostolic Church of Denver. His pastor is Bro. Donald E. Haymon II. “In that vision, the Lord’s hands, reaching out to me, were holding valuable treasures, such as precious gems, costly pearls and other assortments of valuable jewels,” Bro. Davis explained. “Years later, I came to the understanding that the significance of my vision pertained to spiritual riches. I found myself led of the Lord to write Bible studies from the vast treasures of His Word. This is by far greater than any wealth or material possessions I could ever possess!” He has chosen to use social media as a platform to share numerous Bible studies that present those treasures with wisdom and understanding, and the results are amazing.

Bro. Davis explained, “My Facebook ministry page is my main network for sharing my studies. I have not yet used my teachings for other sources of outreach or evangelism.” He has received many encouraging responses from both Apostolics and non-Apostolics of how his studies were a source of enrichment and knowledge to them. Many people from various regions of the world have responded to his studies, and he has had many conversations with them. Outside of the U.S., many from Africa, the Philippines, India, Burma, Pakistan and Bangladesh have responded to his studies.

One powerful eye-opening study, What Are the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven?, resulted in Trinitarian pastors and lay members being baptized in the name of Jesus and filled with the Holy Ghost. After explaining the teaching of the study through WhatsApp one night, Evangelist Celestine Kameje received the revelation that water baptism in the Bible was always administered with the name of Jesus being spoken over the candidate. He came to the knowledge there is no record whatsoever in the Bible of a Christian convert receiving baptism in the titles of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. As a result, he made contact with Pastor Joseph Wainaina from Thika Valley, Central Kenya and was baptized the Bible way. Bro. Davis said, “This brother chose to obey what is directly written in scripture over and above church tradition and doctrines of men.”

Other Bible study that Bro. Davis has written include

1) Water Baptism: Is it only an outward expression of an inward change? Or does it wash away sins?

2) What must I do to be Saved?

3) Speaking in Tongues: Was it for the purpose of communicating the Gospel?

4) Keys to the Kingdom

5) Are You Ready for the Holy Spirit?

6) Is Water Baptism an Optional Ordinance Apart from the New Birth?

7) The Process of the New Birth, and

8) Oneness.

There are many more on various topics including The Great Tribulation, the Resurrection of the Dead, Sin, and Faith vs. Works. The graphics are excellent and immediately draw the reader’s attention to each study.