Mike Myers

Job purpose
To assist the Pastor in all pastoral duties. Your major focus will be upon (1) being the right hand of the pastor and, (2) Making himself available to the church and ministering to the needs of the congregation.

Job Qualifications

1. Holy Ghost filled
2. Must meet qualifications for church membership.
3. Must be loyal to pastor
4. Must be willing and able to work in harmony with others.
5. Must be knowledgeable of the duties of the pastor and be able to
assume the role as pastor at any time.
6. Must have a knowledge of all of the different departments and needs to share the goals and desires of the department leaders.
7. Must be faithful and dependable in accomplishing duties.

Job responsibilities

1. To assist the pastor
2. To perform duties such as: hospital and nursing home visitation, ministering to the sick, etc..
3. To, at times, M.C. services, take prayer requests, lead songs, teach Sunday School, preach, teach, etc.
4. To be able to assume the role of a department leader at any given time.
5. Willing to do anything from clean to temporarily pastoring.
6. To meet with department leaders monthly to obtain reports and must report to the pastor with the department head’s report, plus his evaluation of each department.

Organizational Relationships

The assistant pastor is responsible directly to the pastor. He is to report to the Pastor with any problems, questions, comments, or suggestions that he may have about the church, departments, the job or responsibilities.

Suggested Reading
“The Shepherd’s Help”, by Tim Massengale, AIS press,1994.

Goals for 1994
To help to make the church run as smoothly as possible, helping to take some of the load off of the pastor, so that he can do only that which he can do.