John Davis
Job Purpose

To work with the pastor in the Care Ministry in the church. The purpose of this ministry is to assist the pastor in caring for the Body of Christ and to keep in touch with each church member.

Job Qualifications

1. Must be filled with the Holy Ghost.

2. Must meet the qualifications for church membership.

3. Must be loyal to the Pastor.

4. Must be willing to work in harmony with others.

5. Must carry a burden for the Care Ministry.

6. Must be a lover of the souls of men and women.

7. Must be faithful and dependable in accomplishing duties.

8. Must have a knowledge of the operation/function of the Care Ministry.

Job Responsibilities

* Shall assist the pastor in caring for the saints of the church. Shall seek to implement your duties with tact, zeal and love.

a. Realize that these are precious souls that have been entrusted into your care.

b. You have been entrusted with the spiritual well being of each individual in your group.

* Shall pray for each family and individual in your care group daily.

a. Ask God to bless, protect, and spiritually sustain each person.

* Shall take roll on all members of your care group each service. This is to include men, women and children. You will turn in an attendance report each week at the care ministry meeting.

* Shall “touch” in some way each adult in your care group each week. This should best be in person at church (a friendly hand shake, ask how they are doing, how the family is, give a work of
encouragement, etc.)

* If an individual in your care group is not at church you are to call them the following day to express your concern and desire to help if there is any problem. If you can’t reach them, you are to
drop them a card (a supply of cards and stamps are available in the church office).

* If a week has gone by without ANY contact, you are to drop by their home to see them or to inquire with their family or friends as to there they are.

* Shall alert the pastors immediately if there are any serious problems or crisis (spiritual or physical) in the lives of your care group. Minor problems can wait until the weekly meeting.

* Shall give special care and attention to any new converts assigned to your group. Go out of your way to be friendly and spend time with them.

* Shall meet with the pastor at 6:00 p.m. in the church fellowship each week. At this meeting the pastor will ask you if there is any problems or needs (those not of a crisis nature) that he needs to
be aware of. Be ready to give a quick oral report.

Other Duties

* Shall work with the Pastor to select a group assistant to fill in for you if you are absent from any service.

* Shall endeavor to not schedule any departmental activities on Monday night. Monday will be known as “Family Night” and all church members are encouraged to stay home with their families on this night.

* Shall be an example to the church in faithfulness by attending all church services and functions.

* Shall be an example to the church in soulwinning by being continually involved in the Home Bible Study Ministry, or some other form of outreach ministry.

* Shall be an example to the church in spiritual growth by coming at least one-half hour before each service to pray.

* Shall perform additional duties as required.

(The above material was published by Revival Research.)

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