Job Description: RADIO MINISTRY

Job Description: RADIO MINISTRY
Bro. Rich Strawcutter
The Church Of The Lord Jesus – 1994

Job Purpose

To assist me in any way needed and to fulfill obligations set forth to bring success to the ministry of radio. Much of what you do could determine the outcome of the production, so we will work hard to stay spiritually on top, and to keep minds of the task set before us.

Job Qualifications

1. Must be an active member of the church assembly
2. Must meet standards set by the word of God
3. Must always give loyalty to Pastor
4. Must be an example of a Christian, to the believers
5. Must pay attention to instructions given to you
6. Must study and give account of any material given
7. Must be capable to go on, even if mistakes are made
8. Must be willing to do, and do more
9. If you have children, must take to McDonald’s once a week

Job Responsibilities

Shall oversee all operations of radio recordings

Shall be in charge of mass recording and setting of distributing

Have all lines ready to go, in case of open forum or want to have a call in show

Shall oversee any spots that are for sale, concerning sponsors

Must be able to reach you at all times, so a beeper will be given to you

Shall overhead any forms of publication, concerning the promoting of the show

If decided to dedicate a show to open forum, must screen calls or delegate responsibility to do so

Shall oversee any engineering, concerning the audio distribution.

Shall be top dog concerning what and what not is to be edited.

Shall have directory of sponsors, business offices, pastors secretary and pastors phone number

For any reason that complications arise, and nobody is notified, nor is there an attempt, dismissal could be in order

A master key will be given to you for the radio distribution center, but must never be used improperly.

When discussing any thing with the outside public, concerning information, reply by giving my number

In matters dealing with the FCC, should be done only through me, and any other person could cause grounds for dismissal

Shall Always be in prayer that the show, no matter the format would touch the lives of people who need to hear about Jesus.

Message to Director

I have asked you to be apart of this ministry, because I believe I was lead by the Holy Ghost to do so. I believe that you are able to do the tasks that I have asked of you. I know that it may seem difficult, but with my help and the Lord’s, I believe we will make it work to better the kingdom. I have total confidence in you and you will do a great work. We will get together every 3 months for a check up, and every year we will evaluate our progress.

Charts will be kept, and progress will be demanded. The term for this office is one year, and it will be great one. I am looking forward to your assistance and I believe the Lord will go before us.

Job Goals For The Year Of 1994