By: Bro. Nathan Grace


The purpose of the job of interior janitorial director, is mainly, to maintain, and keep in a clean order, the interior of the church facility. There are five main areas in which you will be responsible for:

1. To be sure all facilities are kept clean
2. Report all needs of repair to the maintenance director, or the pastor.
3. Be sure all sub-categories have done their jobs.
4. All cleaning of the kitchen is your responsibility.


1. Must have followed the plan of salvation as stated in Acts 2:38.
2. Must be currently be living a life of holiness as prescribed in the UPCI manual.
3. Must be faithful in attendance to church, and church activities.
4. Must be able to motivate church congregation to volunteer for special events, or work days.
5. Must have a good rapport with the church congregation.
6. Must have a pride and a concern for the good appearance of the House of God.
7. Must be knowledgeable in janitorial operations, and skilled in the various areas needed for the cleaning of the interior of the church.
8. Must be able to carry through a pre-described plan.
9. Must carry a burden for church operations.
10. Must be able to work well with others in the church.


1. Shall have direction over all aspects of interior cleaning.
2. Shall report all problems to the maintenance director or the pastor.
3. Delegation of work must be done, thus incorporating the division of labour principle.
4. Shall plan in coordination with the pastor.
5. Shall supervise all interior cleaning:

a. Vacuuming, and sweeping
b. Cleaning of restrooms, and kitchen
c. Cleaning of inside of windows.
d. Occasional shampooing of carpeting.
e. Cleaning of all lighting, and baptistery maintenance.

6. Be sure monthly volunteer lists for various jobs are filled in, and carried out.
7. Shall oversee annual interior cleaning under the direction of the maintenance director.
8. Will give the pastor, a list of all those who are vacant from their jobs, and take care of replacing each person.
9. Shall set up a schedule at the annual planning retreat, for all major interior cleaning projects, to be accomplished in the next year.
10. Shall be consistent in your attendance of church services.
11. Shall attend all monthly, and weekly meetings, to determine where you stand with the proposed plans for the year.
12. Shall submit to the pastor, a typed weekly, and monthly report of all the happenings involved with your department.


The interior janitorial director, is responsible first to the pastor, next under the pastor, and over him is the General Maintenance director.

The duration of this particular job is for one complete year. Which will begin on May 1, 1992, and end on May 1, 1993.

The janitorial director is responsible for all the sub-departments, under that of interior janitor. Annual evaluation of the job done, will be completed by the pastor, at the end of this year.


** Read “Let My People Grow” By Tim Massengale.
** Read “You Got To Have The Want To”, By Allan Oggs.
** Read all additional books provides by the pastor.


* Incorporate a more effective use of the central vacuum.
* Start waxing gym floor once a month.
* Develop a detailed schedule for kitchen use.
* Exclude the need to have “hired” help come and do carpet cleaning.
* Submit a list of goals each month to the pastor, for his review, and means of establishing what the directors ideas are.

(The above material was designed and prepared by Nathan Grace, an Indiana Bible College student.)

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