By: Bro. Andrew Arrowood

Job Purpose

To direct and organize the men’s department in directions of growth, and spiritual strength for all men in the church.


1. Must be Holy Ghost filled church member.
2. Must be willing to work with department and others.
3. Must have a burden for this department.
4. Must be a leader.
5. Must have a stable walk with God.


A. Will be director over every operation of this department.

1. Outreach programs to men in the community.
2. Director of men’s prayer every first Saturday of each month.
3. Director over all activities for men’s fellowship.
a. boating outing.
b. Annual camping trip.
c. Prayer breakfast every 3rd month.
B. Will help in spiritual guidance in men’s department.

Organizational Relationships

1. To Pastor and assistants. This shall consist of annual reports at department retreat. And monthly reports on progress in reaching goals.
2. Be of assistance with other workers in the youth department.
3. Work with all other departments indirectly through programs etc…

Training and development

* Must read books assigned by the Pastor.
* Must also go to Development classes for better management held every year.

Goals for the coming year 1993

1. Schedule all men’s outings for the year.
2. Assign jobs to men in the church.

a. Men’s promotions.
b. Prayer partners leader.
c. Secretary and treasurer.


This job takes allot of hard work and consistency. A job not all people are capable to handle . I believe I have chosen the right person to fulfill this position. Thank you for your labors in the past they are greatly appreciated in my eyes, and in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Looking forward to great things in the future.

Yours In Christ

(Pastor’s name and signature)

(The above material was designed and developed by Andrew Arrowood, an Indiana Bible College student.)

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