JOB DESCRIPTION: Minister of Music

JOB DESCRIPTION: Minister of Music
First Pentecostal Church
Jackson, Mississippi

1. Responsibility of the total music program in the church.

2. Direct Senior Choir.

3. Either direct or appoint leader for Young People’s Choir. If this group is directed by someone other than the Minister of Music, they are responsible for giving guidance and direction to the organization.

4. Appoint a Children’s Choir Director who will function. under the supervision of the Minister of Music.

5. Responsibility of service musicians for each service, who will be playing pre-service music 15 minutes prior to the service.

6. Responsibility for developing special groups personally or appointing a qualified person to supervise each special group, working under the direction and leadership of the Minister of Music.

7. Responsibility for having the number of specials desired by the Pastor for any given service. In general, this would be one or two, depending an this nature of the particular service, all at the discretion of the Pastor.

8. Responsibility for keeping instruments tuned and maintained in proper condition for adequate use in services.

9. Coordinating the purchase of choral music for use in musicals used by various choir organizations.

10. Responsibility for coordinating altar service music–vocalists and musicians.

11. Providing for and/or arranging for interested church people to take gospel piano/organ lessons.

12. Coordinating or appointing responsibility for organized instrumental activities.

13. Establishing and coordinating the music budget for the music department.

14. Responsibility to select and/or coordinate song leaders for the song service.


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