Job Description: Worship Team Leader

Job Description: Worship Team Leader
Bro. Shawn White
Apostolic Tabernacle – 2011

Job Purpose

To organize a praise and worship team for one Sunday a month. (This Day will be decided by the music director.) Your job is to lead in worship, and organize a team, including musicians, to assist you.

Job Qualifications

1.) Must be filled with the Holy Ghost.
2.) Must meet the qualifications for church membership
3.) Must be loyal to the Pastor.
4.) Must be willing to work in harmony with others.
5.) Must carry a burden for worship leading.
6.) Must be charismatic and worshipful.
7.) Must be able to lead in and motivate the congregation in worship.
8.) Must be faithful and dependable in accomplishing duties.
9.) Must have a knowledge of music
10.) Must love to worship, on and off of the platform!

Job Responsibilities

* Will be responsible for making sure the members of the worship team know they are the team singing that Sunday.
* Will be responsible for the leading in worship on Sunday.
o Will be expected to sing, exhort, etc.
o Must be an example of praise and worship, on and off the platform.
* Must have at least one practice with team and musicians before Sunday’s service.
* Must give recordings of songs, or list of songs to look up, before Sunday.
* Must serve as a role model in consecration, prayer, and fasting.

Organizational Relationships

The Worship leader is responsible to the music director, and to the Pastor. Each year, the pastor and music director will review this job description, update and improve to make more applicable to the position.

Training and Development

* Read, “Music and Ministry,” by Calvin Johansson
* Read, “Serving in Your Church Music Ministry,” by Randall D. Engle
* Read, “Get a Giant Hat Rack” by Cheri Walters
* Attend IBC Music Festival and other music conferences

Job Goals for the Year of 2011

* Assist the Music Director wherever need be
* Integrate at least three new people in to the worship team this year
* That the worship team as a whole will have a more worshipful attitude

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