Job Description: Youth Choir Director

Job Description: Youth Choir Director
Rachel Johnson

The main purpose of the Youth Choir Director is to lead the young people closer to Christ through worship and the leading of the Holy Ghost. This is to be done in every aspect of the choir as a whole through practice, prayer, participation. All three “P’s” are vital to the overall growth of the choir as followers of Christ. Through the ministry of the youth choir, we hope to see unity and spiritual growth take place.

-Must be filled with the Holy Ghost.
-Must have consistent prayer life.
-Must be actively involved in youth ministry.

This includes:
Youth service
Providing music for youth services
Active in altar working
Burden for choir members, not just music

-Must maintain requested membership criteria.
-Display loyalty to the church and Pastor.
-Must be faithful to the church in giving of tithes and time.
-Must have adequate knowledge of music.
-Must be willing.

As Youth Choir Director, you will serve as administrator to your department under the guidance of your Pastor. It will be expected that you work with fervency, are punctual, disciplined, and passionate in your practices and in the services.

In the best interest of the church, it is requested that choir members are filled with the Holy Ghost for at minimum of a year before joining the youth choir. Since it is a sacred place in which to lead worship, the Pastor will be authorized to tactfully remove any person in violation to this request. Special circumstances to this request will be reviewed through prayer and fasting by the Pastor and the Youth Choir Director and a decision will be concluded.

As Youth Choir Director, it will be your responsibility to develop musicians and vocalist to the best of your ability, and to train them through example to be faithful Christians and worshipers,
A biweekly practice is expected so that the Youth Choir is prepared to sing with excellency on the weeks that the Adult Choir does not.

*Youth services will require a separate practice for preparation of that service’s music with the requested praise team.
A schedule of the praise team will need to be created a week in advance for each youth service as not to cause unnecessary confusion and allow adequate time for preparation vocally, musically, but most important spiritually.

Youth Choir Responsibilities:
As mentioned in the previous section, the Youth Choir will sing biweekly Sunday night.

Preparation includes:
Appearance- uniformed
(no conflict of platform standards given by the Pastor will be tolerated)

It is your responsibility to encourage the practice of prayer, fasting, faithfulness, etc. within the Youth Choir.

Youth Choir Practice should be at most 1 hour and 15 minutes. A time of unified prayer is requested and encouraged at some point throughout the practice.

On the Sunday evening practice the choir must have completed its practice 30 minutes prior to the start of service so that collective prayer as a church body may take place the platform is a sacred place, therefore it should be kept in its best condition and no snacks, gum or beverage will be allowed (with the exception of water).

On special occasions such as Easter and Christmas the Youth Choir will join with the Adult Choir to create a Mass Church Choir. This may present itself in the form of a service focused solely upon worship or in a drama. Both choir directors will be given sufficient planning time to prepare and coordinate for these special events.

Create a biweekly schedule to coordinate dress for the Youth Choir so that their appearance would not be distracting to those trying to worship during service.

Additional Duties:
-If necessary, you will work with the Pastor in selecting an assistant.
-Coordinate with the church calendar as not to create schedule conflicts among other departments.
-Attend Annual Planning Parties and Monthly Meeting with Ministers.
-Provide a monthly report of department’s goals, desires, growth, and needs.
-Serve as an example to the young people and church congregation in lifestyle.
-Participate in pre-service prayer meetings.
-Show willingness to preform additional tasks requested by the Pastor.

Organizational Relationships:
Youth Choir Director is to remain responsible directly to the Pastor. Annually, the Job Description will be reviewed and revised to provide a more precise picture of the director’s job, and to improve and expound upon already existing regulations.

Accountability is in the form of monthly reports and weekly tag-in. Failure to deliberately or forgetfully miss two consecutively of either will result in review of your position in efforts to aid you in spiritual success and advance the Kingdom. Position evaluation is annually and is performed by the Pastor. Youth Choir Director is open for renewal or removal annually based upon the past year’s outcome.

Training and Development:
-Attend Because Of the Times and Music Fest
-Read “The Heart of the Artist” by Rory Noland
-Read additional literature provided by the Pastor

Goals in 2014:
-Develop a rotation of youth service praise teams and musicians.
-Develop a rotation of Youth Choir musicians.
-Develop additional youth choir qualifications to be approved by the Pastor.
-Bring spirit of unity to the Youth Choir.
-Lead Youth Choir towards deeper worship.
-Coordinate with Adult Choir Director to write a collaborative song complete with chord charts and vocal parts. This should be done quarterly.

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