The major focus of the Sunday School Promotions Director is to promote all activities of the Sunday School Division with enthusiasm, excitement and to challenge the S.S. teachers and students.


1. Must be filled with the Holy Ghost.

2. Must maintain the qualifications for church membership.

3. Must be loyal to the Pastor/S.S. Superintendent.

4. Must be willing to work in harmony with others.

5. Must carry a burden for the Sunday School Ministry.

6. Must be able to instill enthusiasm and excitement.

7. Must be able to lead and motivate children.

8. Must be a lover of children.

9. Must be faithful and dependable in accomplishing duties.

10. Must have a knowledge of the operation/functions of the Sunday School.

* Shall oversee and supervise all operations of the monthly S.S. Promotion under the direction of the S.S. Superintendent. Shall seek to implement the program with tact, zeal and love.
a. Promotion Sunday – 4th Sunday of the month.
b. Materials, prizes, supplies should be ordered at least seven days in advance. (If shipment is necessary, order at least 21 days in advance).

* Shall have all coming events placed in the bulletin or newsletter and given to Promotional Director by due date or one week in advance for bulletin.
a. Promotion Sunday – details of what flyer should contain should be given to Promotional Director one week in advance.

b. Shall give an announcement for bulletin to Promotional Director each month listing the names of S.S. Teachers achieving the “Aim For Excellence” award. (This list may be obtained from the S.S. Secretary.

c. Children’s Revival information should be given to Promotional Director for newsletter, placed in bulletin at least 2 weeks prior to scheduled date, and flyers should be printed at least one week in advance.

d. Junior Youth Camp announcements should be placed in both the newsletter and bulletin, and also promoted in the Sunday School classes of those eligible to attend. (Ages 9-11 years)

* Shall promote special contests or S.S. Drives within the classrooms to motivate the teachers and children to be excited and involved in bringing visitors to Sunday School.

* Shall present certificates to students who are graduating to new class on the first Sunday of each quarter (4 times per year).

a. Beginners, Primary, and Juniors in Bible Funland (They will go to new class the following Sunday).

b. All other classes, students should be given certificate and taken to new class immediately.

* Shall make sure that the Sunday School record books are in classroom for Sunday morning and returned to S.S. Secretary after class.

* Shall help promote special Sunday School Drives and Contests with exciting and motivating announcements in service to get as many church members as possible to bring visitors during this month.

a. Easter
b. Children’s Revival
c. Sunday before General Conference

* Shall help plan a special Christmas Program in cooperation with the Sunday School Superintendent.

* Shall attend a quarterly Sunday School Staff meeting to keep all informed of upcoming developments and promotions.

* Shall attend an annual teacher training course, on an off-church night, also any program offered by the section or district. This is to be an in-depth training session.
* Shall insure that all New Converts (and their children) and visitors (and their children) feel welcome in our Sunday School. Introduce yourself to parents and children as the S.S. Promotional Director and help in taking children to proper S.S. Class and introducing them to S.S. Teacher.

* Shall attend and help in planning annual Sunday School Staff Banquet toward the end of each curriculum year. This is to include various awards and the giving of a “Teacher Of The Year” and “Bus Worker Of The Year” plaques.


* Shall work with Superintendent to help in all aspects of your promotional duties.

* Shall be an example to the church in soulwinning by being continually involved some form of Outreach Ministry.

* Shall be an example to the church in faithfulness by attending all church services and special functions.

* Shall be an example to the church in spiritual growth by coming at least one-half hour before each service to pray.

* Shall attend all Quarterly Teachers Meetings and Weekly Prayer/Staff Meetings.

* If unable to attend because of an emergency, shall inform the S.S. Superintendent and arrange an appointment to discuss meeting at later date.

* Shall endeavor to not schedule any activities on Monday night. Monday will be known as “Family Night” and all church members are encouraged to spend quality time with their families on this night.

* Shall perform additional duties as required.

* All church keys, binders, and related materials loaned to you during the term of your duties must be returned upon leaving your position.

* Shall maintain oversight and supervision of facilities and furnishings in your area.

* Shall be responsible for the security of areas under your care including access to locked rooms and use of office equipment.


* Shall conduct one’s self everywhere as becometh a Christian.

* Shall cleanse one’s self from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God. (I Corinthians 7:1). Tabacoo in any form, movies, dancing, alcoholic beverages, and unclean conversations are considered unbecoming to a Christian.

* Shall endeavor to manifest a spirit of brotherly love and fellowship toward all God’s people.

* Shall avoid all ungodly and worldly amusements (all amusements and recreations are not harmful), that one may be blameless and harmless amidst an evil generation; and thus bring no reproach upon the Name of Christ.

* The dress and conduct of staff members shall be in harmony with the church standards and Christian ethics. Slacks, shorts, low-cut necklines, and other unbecoming apparel shall not be permitted. (Girls will be allowed to wear culottes.)

* Jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc., shall not be permitted.

* Hair
a. Ladies hair shall not be cut, trimmed, feathered, dyed, etc., in order to be a member of the Sunday School Staff.
b. Men’s hair shall be cut properly and not laying over collar, etc. Also face must be clean shaven.

* Makeup such as eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, fingernail polish, blush, etc., shall not be worn by any staff member.


The Sunday School Promotions Director is responsible directly to the S.S. Superintendent. Each year, the Pastor/Superintendent and promo. director will review this Job Description, update and improve to make more applicable to the position. Accountability shall consist of a report of all Sunday School Class activities and upcoming events. The Sunday School Teacher shall work closely with the Sunday School Superintendent, Bus/Van Ministry, and Saturday Door Knocking. Evaluation of performance of this position shall be performed by the Pastor on an annual basis. The term of this office shall be for one year.


* Read “Bible Alive” by Lin Johnson (Standard Publishing)

* Read “Creative Ideas For Effective Follow-up” by Judy Dorsett (Standard Publishing Co.)
* Read “Teachers Are Made, Not Born” by Eddie & Billye Joyce Fine (Standard Publishing)

* Read “Teach With Success” by Guy P. Leavitt; revised by Eleanor Daniel (Standard Publishing)

* Attend Church & District Sunday School Seminars if possible.

* Read any additional book(s) provided by the Superintendent


* Reach a Sunday School Class average of ___________for the month of December.

* Promote special planned activities through announcements, bulletins, newsletters and flyers.

* Plan at least four attendance promotions to increase S.S. Class Enrollment.

* Attend the Sunday Morning Prayer/Staff meeting.

* Participate in motivating the S.S. Teachers “Aim For Excellence program.

* Promote Soulwinning in the Sunday School ministry through Holy Ghost Sunday.

* Read books provided and submit books you feel are good at helping improve our Sunday School Department.

* Help plan and attend annual Sunday School Staff Banquet.

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