United Pentecostal Church 1994-1995
John Maroni


To administer and motivate the youth department in a manner that will result in outside youth being won to God. Major emphasis will be placed on the following: Bus ministry, Each One Win One ministry, and constant contact with young visitors. This is best accomplished by keeping these ministries before the eyes of the people. Your main task, goal and burden must be to see young people brought in from the world, repented of their sins, baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost.

1. Must be an active church member, faithful in attendance.
2. Must be willing to sacrifice personal time for the cause of saving young people.
3. Must have a personality that will not grow tired of children.
4. Must be able to lead and motivate other people.
5. Must be dependable and able to complete assigned tasks.
6. Must have desire and be willing.

Bus Ministry
1. Shall oversee and supervise all operations of the Bus Ministry.
2. Work well with other saints, delegating as many smaller responsibilities as possible such as: maintenance, door knocking, Saturday visitation, etc.
3. Shall use the Parent reach concept of bus ministry such as in an additional handout.
4. Stay in contact with the pastor as to any problems or accomplishments.
5. Be aware of the laws dealing with driving children.

Each One Win One
1. Promote the concept to the youth group of each person winning one person. Use various techniques such as contests and social gatherings.
2. Lead by example to the best of your ability.
3. Stay in contact with the pastor as to any problems or accomplishments.

Youth Visitor Follow-up
1. Make sure any individual which (1) receives the Holy Ghost, or (2)is refilled with the Holy Ghost after a significant absence, or (3) is baptized and has a visitor follow-up card filled out
that same service. Make sure the card is filled out in a manner that all needed information can be obtained.

John Maroni

2. Shall oversee the first night counseling of all young persons filling out a card.
a. Must be done the same service
b. Counseling must be direct and to the point
c. They should then be given the New Convert’s Booklet and an assigned cassette tape.

3. A photo-copy of all cards should be given to the following people:
a. Pastor
b. Home-bible study director
c. New Convert’s class instructor
d. An assigned care partner
e. Church secretary
4. Shall take roll of all new converts each service and monitor this so you can assign a visit to those who become priority.
5. Shall oversee “Dinner Ministry.”

Other Duties
1. Attend all monthly staff meetings.
2. If unable to attend, notify the pastor as soon as possible.
3. Be an example to the church in life-style and effort in winning souls.
4. Hand in a monthly report to the Monthly Council.
5. Perform additional duties as required to assure the success of your task.

The Youth Outreach Director is responsible directly to the pastor. Each year the pastor and the Youth Outreach Director will review the previous years results, accomplishments and failures.
The department will be revised and updated yearly.

Training and Development

Read How to have a Soul winning Church by Gene Edwards
Read The Key to Motivation by Bob Conmlin
Attend the Apostolic Council on Church Growth

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