Job Description: Youth Social Director

Job Description: Youth Social Director
Bethesda Temple 1994-1995
Douglas B. Hughes

Job purpose

To create a social program in the department of the youth that would involve everyone. The major focus of this position will be to give our youth some kind of alternative to spending all their time in the streets. they need to be closely unified in all that they do.

Job Qualifications

1. Be saved according to the Acts 2:38 message
2. Be loyal to the Pastor.
3. Interested in the future of the youth.
4. Be able to lead effectively.
5. Must be consistent in tithes and offerings.
6. Able to conduct services.
7. Be able to accomplish duties.

Job Responsibilities

-Shall help in youth prayer weekly.
-Work with others in youth group to enhance the group.
-Be responsible for planning sessions
-Reaching for goals in soul winning.
-Periodically do maintenance work.
-Plan youth retreats.
-Plan youth services and find approved speakers.


Organizational Relationships

The youth social director is responsible directly to the Pastor and also the head youth director. All things that are subject to question must come through one of the two of them. You will also be responsible for reporting to the pastor in the form of a meeting at least once a year.

Job Goals for the year of 1994-1995