Revival Church Traits

The difference between a soul-conscious church and one that lacks this vision is easily seen. Revival-oriented churches usually have the following traits:
A revival spirit in every service. Sometimes called “seeker-sensitive,” these churches have an end goal of reaching visitors with salvation. This includes strong worship, insightful preaching, meaningful altar calls, and trained altar workers.

They lift up Jesus Christ. Nothing reaches the heart of sinners like powerful worship, impassioned praise and anointed preaching. Revival churches are worshiping churches. They are led to worship by leaders that worship sincerely.

Prayer is the foundation of the church. Pre-service prayer is strongly attended. Prayer teams are utilized. The pastor and leadership pray much. Prayer is taught and modeled as essential.

They focus on key evangelism activities. Bringing guests, solid guest follow-up, home Bible study, bus and van ministry, Sunday school promotions, targeted door knocking are all solid programs.

There is a high percentage of involvement. Active ministry is taught as an essential element expected of all Christians. Talents must never be buried in the ground. God has gifted every person with skills that He wishes to utilize. Instruction on knowing your gifts and using them is frequent.

There is a strong new convert care ministry. Discipleship is intentional. Programs to facilitate instruction, fellowship and involvement are fully developed and functioning. Their annual retention rate is well over 50%.

There is a vision for growth. Facility expansion is an ongoing process. They expect to fill their current facility quickly, so the next step is always being planned. The training of new leaders is an ongoing process.

The leaders are examples. You can never lead people where you are unwilling to go yourself. Church leaders lead in soul winning, prayer, giving and worship.