By: Lori Willhoite

Job Purpose

To administer and motivate the youth in a manner that will result in other young people being saved. The major focus will be Youth Activities that will reach other youth, Bible Studies, Door Knocking, and an Annual Youth Week or Youth Revival. In focusing upon these, you will assist in accomplishing the main task of the Youth Outreach Department, instilling a desire in our youth to reach the lost youth of this generation.

Job Qualifications

1. Must be filled with the Holy Ghost.
2. Must meet the qualifications for church membership.
3. Must be loyal to the Pastor.
4. Must be able to work with others.
5. Must have a burden for the lost youth of today.
6. Must be able to lead and motivate the youth into outreach.
7. Must be faithful and dependable.
8. Must be able to work with Youth Department and Outreach Department.
9. Must have a knowledge of Soulwinning and the youth Bible study, The Life and Times of Jesus Christ.
10. Must attend every youth service and participate in the activities set up for the Youth Outreach Department.

Job Responsibilities

* Shall try to involve every member of the church youth group in some type of outreach for other youth.
* Shall oversee and direct every aspect of the Youth Outreach Department under the supervision of the Pastor.

Youth Activities

* Shall oversee and direct several youth activities that will draw other youth who are not members of the church.

a. Youth members will be responsible to invite friends, high school acquaintances and any other young person they have a desire to see saved.

* These Youth Activities will consist of the following:

a. A picnic with softball games and other outdoor sports activities for both girls and boys at least once every month during the summer.
b. Ice-skating, roller skating, lock-ins, and other indoor activities will also be held periodically during the winter months.

* The Youth Outreach Director will be responsible to hold some type of devotional service during these fun filled activities. The activities should begin with prayer and end with prayer also.

Bible Study

* The Youth Outreach director shall make available to all youth the youth home Bible study, The Life and Times of Jesus Christ.
* Shall teach classes to the youth of the church on how to teach this home Bible study to their friends.
* Shall be actively teaching home Bible studies to several youth themselves.
* Shall work at obtaining home Bible studies for themselves and the members of the Youth Outreach Department.

a. Send out flyers for home Bible studies and place ads in the paper periodically.
b. Shall make contact with students in the local high schools and the community colleges.

* The Youth Outreach director shall actively promote and encourage the youth to become involved in this ministry.

a. Shall have a contest each quarter, and award prizes to the youth who obtained and taught the most home Bible studies.

Door Knocking

* Shall oversee and promote the youth in door knocking and witnessing to all unsaved souls not just their peers or people they are acquainted with.
* Door knocking should be done at least twice a month on a Saturday morning be the youth of the church and the director must be involved.
* Before going out to knock doors there will be a time of prayer and after door knocking they should return to the church around noon.

a. A group lunch will be served at the church.
b. Testimonies should be given from the mornings activities to encourage and keep the youth involved.

* Shall draw up a map and hand out to each team so some areas will not be overlapped and other be overlooked.
* Shall encourage the youth to make home Bible study contacts during this time of witnessing.

Annual Youth Revival

* Shall organize and participate in a youth prayer and fasting chain the week prior to the revival.
* Shall work with the pastor in finding a speaker for the revival, preferably someone young to reach out and be on the same level as the youth.
* Shall actively promote this revival with much increased outreach.

a. Shall draw up flyers for the youth to post and hand out.
b. During Saturday door knocking should be sure to mention the upcoming revival.
c. Shall make contact with all those who have been taught or are in the process of being taught home Bible studies.
d. Shall make use of any other means of inviting youth to the revival.

* The first night of the revival will be a concert with several or one apostolic group that would appeal to the youth generation.
* Shall set up a contest among our youth members, and award prizes, for the youth who brought the most visitors during the week.
* Shall organize and set up a contest among the youth visitors.

a. Visitors will be asked to sign a guest book with a number beside their name. At the end of each service a number will be picked and free Bible or youth home Bible study or some other like prize will be awarded.
b. This should encourage the visitors to stay until the end of service and make visitor follow-up easier after the revival.
* The revival should involve the youth of the church in several ways: testimonies, singing, and playing musical instruments.
* The revival will be held annually in the fall.

Other Duties

* Shall be an example to the youth by participating in all outreach activities that are organized.
* Shall be an example to youth in worship, church attendance, and prayer.
* Shall attend all Planning Retreats and Departmental Planning Councils held monthly.
* Shall hand in an official report on the outreach of the youth monthly to the pastor.
* Shall perform additional duties as required.

Organizational Relationships

The Youth Outreach Director shall be directly responsible to the Pastor. Each year, the Pastor and Youth Outreach Director will review this Job Description, update and improve to make it more applicable to the position. The director will be held accountable by being required to hand in a monthly report of all youth outreach activities and upcoming events that are planned. The director is
responsible to all youth that help him or her in outreach in any way. The director  shall work closely with all departments, but especially the Youth Department and the Outreach Department. Evaluation of this position shall be performed by the Pastor on an annual basis. The term of this office is for one year.

Training and Development

* Read “The Youth Workers Manual” by David Hyles.
* Read “Involving Youth in Youth Ministry” by Tom Schultz.
* Read “Let My People Grow” by Tim Massengale.
* Shall attend any close available seminars on youth, outreach, or teaching Bible studies if at all possible.
* Read books provided by the Pastor

Job Goals For The Year Of 1992

1. Develop a system of visitor follow-up with youth.
2. Begin a new convert class for the newly saved youth.
3. Develop a system of fasting for youth outreach where the youth are fasting on a regular basis.
4. Develop a time of prayer before every youth service especially for outreach.

(The above material was designed and prepared by Lori Willhoite, an Indiana Bible College student graduate.)

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