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On the sixth day, God made man. You now have in order the first five essential steps and on the sixth day, you are ready to do what you have set out to do. You saw it on the first day; this is when you got the mental picture. By the time you get to the sixth day, you have all the ingredients necessary to put it together.

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By Albert and Mark Frie

God’s Seven-Step Plan—-Introduction


In the beginning, God had a seven-day plan with which He worked. The first day, the second day, the third day, the fourth day, the fifth day, the sixth day, the seventh day. He did certain things on each of these days to reach His goal on the sixth day when He would make man. There were things He had to do before He made man. Like any other plan, there are steps you must take before you can complete your product. The way God does His work is the way we should do our work.


On the first day, God made light. Everything that comes into this world starts in darkness. Notice each of these days begin with an evening before a morning. Everything comes out of the darkness. At the beginning of any plan you must first discover what you want. You need the idea. The idea must come into your mind. Once you receive this idea you need to treat it like a little baby because it can die very easily. It is brand new. It is the first days of life. In the beginning God made the light on the first day and the evening and the morning were the first day. God is working toward the sixth day when He will make man.


On the second day, the earth was without form and void. He needed some atmosphere for His man to breathe. He divided the waters above from the waters beneath, and made a firmament. He made the air that we breathe. He started with the light (the idea) and then separated things that would work with His idea. He decided to create the kind of air His man would breathe.

God had in mind to make this man out of dust. He had an earth with water all over it. He needed dry land. On the third day, God caused the dry land to appear along with the trees and things He would use. Incidentally, this plan is not just a plan for the beginning. Looking into the future, He saw He would need a tree to make a cross. On this third day, He made the trees. All of this is built into His plans.


He does not do everything all at once, but takes time separating. The dry land appears. This is the physical side. We must take care of our natural body. A sick man cannot do much. Poor people cannot help poor people. They have to develop themselves to where they can be of help not only to themselves and their family, but also to others. Preparation must begin. In this third day, you take care of the natural side.


The fourth day is when the sun, moon, and stars were made. This goes up a little higher into the thinking process. There is a discipline. You must discipline yourself to your plan. You cannot decide and just let the dream float in the air. You must bring yourself to a place where you follow your plan. You can tell then where you are along the road to arriving at your destination.


There is a place here for discipline. You discover in life, and you separate and keep only what you want to work with. You take care of the physical part (dry land and trees) then you take care of the mental part (sun, moon, and stars).

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